Week End

I had a deliciously relaxing weekend, kicking off by putting away the ornaments. I love a real Christmas tree only to a point: when the needles start to drop, it’s outworn its welcome.

I then watched Coco avant Chanel on DVD because it’s such a great movie. 

(I’m going to swap out that ghastly fireplace tile for black marble this year. It bothers me every time I see it.)
On Saturday, it was relatively warm so I walked the main street. I finally went into Patisserie D’Or, the french bakery on Robinson St to see how it compares with my beloved (but too far away now that it’s not at the end of my street anymore!) Patachou.
Delicious! My croissant and pastry habit will be well nourished. 

I saw Philomena, which is such a great film about the power of forgiveness. It was a sold out showing and I’ve never witnessed a mostly septuagenarian audience respond to a movie so vocally. Obviously there were some Catholics in the crowd, based on some of the cheers and jeers. Steve Coogan is fantastic (as is Judy Dench, but one rather expects her to be…)
I dealt with some of the downed tree limbs from the ice storm.

I then had a lovely dinner.

And relaxed.

I’m taking a little blog holiday until the kids are back to school. Enjoy the rest of your holiday festivities. I’ll raise a glass to you all on the 31st.

Happy New Year! 


  1. Thank you for visiting; I adore your dear French bulldog. And the croissant looks tempting too. I had two English bulldogs for years and I think I'm getting bullsie fever–perhaps one's in my near future. Happy New Year!


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