A Holiday Tradition

I just heard the news about Zsa Zsa: 99 years of glamour. They really do not make them like that anymore.

It’s been an exciting week. I’d share all the news, but a gal has to keep some secrets.

The Maritime Bolthole deal closed. I am officially Oakville – Lunenburg now. I’ll have to change my correspondence cards.

Right now, however, I am very excited about the winter. On Saturday, we went skiing. Before Christmas! On something that fell from the sky instead of being made by a snow gun. It was magical and has put me in a lovely Christmassy mood.

Today, we saw The Nutcracker. Every year since my kids were very small, my daughter and I have gone to see the ballet. My son attended one performance, but after several vocal protests that there was too much dancing, he now gets Monster Jam tickets in lieu.

We have had various seasons since my children were small: we’ve been urban, and suburban; sometimes we were flush with cash, other times we were hunkering down financially. One year we were all quite broken. And yet, we continued to attend some version of the Nutcracker in spite of what was going on.

Some years, we attended the gorgeous James Kudelka choreographed version in Toronto. Other years, we saw local productions, which were charming in their own right. And whether we were seeing Xiao Nan Yu flawlessly dance the role of Sugar Plum Fairy or watching a novice Sugar Plum Fairy with imperfect footing, it was always special. It was a point of continuity in often-changing times. Some years, we saw it twice.

This year, we were back downtown, in the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. We enjoyed a special Nutcracker-themed lunch at Tundra before, and a quick run to Milk Bar at the Shagri-La after. It was heaven.

The performance is comforting in its familiarity. We know exactly what is going to happen next and -quite frankly – we like it that way. Tradition is a beautiful thing and in this season of change, we look forward to starting many new traditions to enjoy in the years to come.

I hope you have the chance to enjoy old traditions this year, and to start some new ones as well.

Love to hear from you!

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