Pancakes and Raffles and Salt, Oh My!

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you enjoyed Shrove Tuesday yesterday. My daughter made all of us Monogrammed pancakes.

We are practically Seven Sisters Style in our Preppy-ness!

Seven Sisters Style Preppy

Serena got to visit the grandparents yesterday while we had some work done at the house. She’s always happy to visit.

So, my adventures in adrenal fatigue continue. I’ve never been able to drink water as the taste is abysmal. From time to time, I add minted chlorophyl to make it more tolerable, but I still prefer herbal teas as a means of hydration. Apparently, a lot of people with adrenal fatigue are the same and The Internets recommend adding a bit of Pink Himalayan salt to water as a way to make it more palatable. It’s also supposed to cut down the cravings for salty snacks. I must admit, it’s a weird thing to get used to, but I’m bound and determined to get my water consumption up. At this point, I’ll try anything.

I’m also eating lots of avocado right now. My favourite combination is avocado, light ricotta and a bit of fleur de sel on a hearty piece of toast: makes a beautiful savoury breakfast.

I’m almost done my Intro to Pilates class. I’m really enjoying it. At first, it felt like I had been punched in the stomach, but I was simply using muscles that I never use. I do lots of crunches in other classes, but I was not using all of my core muscles. Pilates feels like a bit of a game changer, especially as I age.

If you had trouble entering the draw for a Rose Quartz Angel yesterday, you aren’t alone. Apparently, Amazon Web Service’s east coast server was down and it crashed a lot of sites. Fear not! There’s still lots of time to enter. Click here for your chance to win the angel pictured below (the quartz angel, not the dog angel, of course…)

Take care, kittens.

Love to hear from you!

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