Mine eyes have seen the glory

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

Serena and I have some super good news.

Sweet Home Oklahoma has been renewed!! There will be eight more episodes of Tubbers in July. Someone is putting on her party hat to C E L E B R A T E.

Loved the season finale. The ladies are ridiculous but have great hearts. They’ve all gone through a lot of crappy stuff in their lives and keep smiling. And just when you think it’s all lighthearted fun, they slip in some real words of wisdom.

And you know what else it good news? It’s finally sunny outside. We’ve had at least 1000 days of rain but look at that blue sky!

And the really good news is that I can see it!

The left eye is still blurry but it’s getting better, I think. Glory be! I’m not certain it will be as clear as I’d hoped it might be prior to the surgery. But it’s certainly better than it was and I still have several more days on the steroids to promote healing. The key question ahead of me is: if, when healed, the eye is still not where I want it, do I venture in for a retouch? At this point, the answer is a decided No. Once bitten, twice shy and – as I well know – there are always risks with surgery. Certainly, to proceed I’d need to know what would happen differently this time that did not happen initially. I have a few months to decide since – at that point – a retouch is still easy since the eye is not completely healed.

I’m able to drive again and do most things. Reading is still a struggle and my eyes tire quickly. But given how things looked (or didn’t look!) last week, I’ll take it!

Boy, oh boy do two weeks away from TV, computer, phone, driving, social outings, reading, exercise etc. ever give you time to think — particularly when you think you might never see properly again. I realized that pretty much all of my de-stressing methods require sight. For the first couple of nights post surgery, even hot baths were discouraged. People, it was not good! I had a steady diet of calming audio books on loop to keep semi-sane.

I need to find ways to take the base level of stress out of my life so I have more bandwidth going forward. While I was convalescing, I “watched” the documentary, Happy, which is playing on Netflix right now. It’s really, really good and was an excellent reminder of the happiness research out there (I interviewed some happiness experts for a piece I wrote for Today’s Parent in 2009 (an updated version is online.) In the documentary, they interview Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, who identified the concept of Flow: the idea that people are happiest when engaged in pleasurable work (his book is Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.) I realized that I need to build more flow into my life: more writing blocks, more collaborative activity, more taking concepts from idea to execution. Happiness is like a muscle. You have to use it so it does not wear out. I’ve spent the last few weeks stressing about my vision and trying to make a french bulldog eat her pills (I caught her spitting them into a closet!) so there is some room for rebuilding happiness levels right now…

I also “watched” PBS’s Secrets of Chatsworth on Netflix because every now and then I like to be reminded how I’m related to Debo and Kick Kennedy et al. Highly recommend. It’s part of a series and I plan to watch all the others.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m trying not to go bananas on computer time since I’m meant to take things easy. I hope things are sunny in your neck of the woods and that you are able to see and enjoy it.



  1. Glad that you and Serena are on the mend! I know it is not funny that she isn't getting her medication, but I do like the image of her spitting them out in the closet. I was thinking about your previous post and it is kind of damned of you do and damned if you don't. People complain if posts are overly happy because they come across as false but don't want the reality of you talking about the things in life that suck. I say forget 'em and keep writing! I'll read whatever you write and like the honesty you deliver. xo


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