Serena and Decorating and Brunch, Oh My!

Happy end of May! For my Canadian readers, I hope you had a lovely Victoria Day weekend. It was a bit rainy here but still nice to have the extra day. For the Americans, I hope you are gearing up for a lovely Memorial Day weekend. And happy bank holiday to the Brits! For everyone else, you need a May long weekend! 
The eye thing is sort of stalled as we are in a holding pattern while I continue to administer the steroids. I’m sort of resigned to the new normal but am optimistic that some improvement is on the horizon. 

Miss Serena is doing much better. Her fur has now grown back. I think we have to suspend her therapy work indefinitely. The vet told me about some anecdotal cases as well as a study of therapy dogs picking up bacteria and given how old Miss Thing is now, I just can’t take the chance of more illness. We’ve been on an ear infection/skin infection/pneumonia roundabout since the fall. Thankfully, her sassy attitude remains intact!

It’s pouring buckets today but we’ve had a run of fabulous weather and I’ve been taking advantage of that. On the Mother’s Day weekend, we spent some time arranging a funeral for an elderly relative who was finally freed from a decade-long battle with acute dementia and visiting the cemetery, but we also managed to have a nice trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake and the White Rock Ostrich Farm. If you ever have the opportunity to speak with Deborah, the owner of White Rock, do. She’s a delight.

I’ve been dining out al fresco, as I catch up with everyone before they all disappear for the summer.

The lake has looked very oceany lately. It’s so very pretty.

It’s making me excited for the summer. We’ve picked out paint colours for the summer place. Next, we have to get furniture. We’ll be Ikea-ing and Wayfairing major pieces, I suspect, since we need to be somewhat set up before we arrive. And then we shall be buying things locally once we get there. 
We are likely going to rent it out for a few weeks as, realistically, we need to be back and forth given work and kid commitments. So I’m planning on lots of slipcovers and easy care pieces a la Something’s Gotta Give (albeit with a less spendy price tag!) 
I’m using some tumbled crytals for colour inspiration as well as a Sanderson fabric sample and some beachy magazines. I’ll be using a cream colour for the walls so that the ocean view pops. 
Well, that’s what’s up in this neck of the woods. I’ve been busy reading over some of my favourite blogs to catch up on what is going on with everyone else. The news has been so grim these days and it’s lovely to focus on the positive. 
Take care, lovelies,


  1. Hi Jen, our Victoria Day was rained out, which was a real shame – our town does a huge flea market, it's the Scouts' big fundraiser of the year, and you are guaranteed to meet lots of people that you know. And today it's raining again! Our town was one of those hit by the recent flooding, so we have seen enough of the rain, thank you very much.The crystal colours you have chosen as inspiration for the holiday home are delicious! I hope you have lots of fun decorating. That's a shame that Serena has to retire as a therapy dog, but better safe than sorry!


  2. Oh, what a shame about the market! The flooding has been terrible. Toronto Island is flooding and Oakville's pier is under water, but we don't have it nearly as bad as many areas to the east. And, yes, it continues to rain. It may be time to invest in an ark. xo


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