Bless Your Hearts, Y’all

I’ve been meeting up with kindred spirits lately, who have been cheering me up immensely. There is all kinds of awesome out there if you look for it, even deep in the heart of Stepford.

I love this time of year as I pin down plans for the summer. Between Derby Day and Labour Day, I can channel my inner Southerner.


I try my best to replicate the pages of Southern Living magazine, and plan lazy days driving to antique markets and sitting on the porch with a sweet tea, or bourbon and ginger ale. I know it’s a romanticized version of things, but as a northerner surrounded by people in grey yoga pants, I crave the southern aesthetic. For me, magnolias, and pearls, and mint juleps, and pink and green gingham are simply divine.


And I love big hair. I spend two decades of adulthood going for that sleek 90s look, but now that I’m old as dirt and the volume is down, I want big, bold Texas beauty queen hair. The higher the hair, the closer to God, as they say.

Have you been watching Southern Charm? Patricia Altschul is my spirit animal. Have you read her book, The Art of Southern Charm? It’s charming. I really need a french bulldog caftan, no?


Have you caught the spin-off show, Southern Charm: Savannah? I love it. Ashley Borders makes for great tv: she’s just this side of crazy and calls a spade a spade.

I’ve just started reading What Southern Women Know. I’ll let you know what I think. By the time I get through my media binge I’ll be all y’all, and bless your heart, and sugar, peel me a grape.

Hope life is sunny where you are,



  1. You know what, I haven't watched Southern Charm at all – I'm still following RHONY, and now I'm into the Bachelorette, mainly because I've found some hilarious recaps which are so much fun. But, I'll give you a tip about a blog/youtube I've been following, Audrey Coyne – she lives in Charleston and talks about fashion and lifestyle. She's not a southerner born and bred, but I find her blog so appealing, lots of white backgrounds, capsule wardrobes and lovely photos.


  2. You do need a pug afghan, sugar! Now I'm fascinated to watch that show. Charm, grace, manners and pearls are so appealing in this day of hasty, rude and sloppy. I'm very happy to hear you're meeting kindred spirits. I need more of them in my life. xo


  3. I so agree. It's a lovely antidote to ill-mannered people in yoga pants (I get it in the gym but all the time? I've even seen them at church!) . Even when the Southern Charm people are being scandalous (and they are all the time) at least they look good! I hope some more kindred spirits come into your life. xo


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