A Grand Day in Stepford

Readers of mine know that I’m not always the biggest fan of Stepford. I came here under weird circumstances and then ran into a lot of Regina George wannabes. Still, the school are great, and the lake is pretty, and it’s a great place to raise kids, and the parking is good, and I try to make the best of it every day even though I often feel like a fish out of water.

Today, I had a great Stepford day. I went to see my therapist, who is amazing. A bunch of people I know now see her too and we all agree we want to be her. She is calm and cultured and has an excellent wardrobe. She’s #goals all the way. Plus, her office is super pretty.

I then went to the main drag and popped into Anthropologie to use a gift card I won on Black Friday. I needed a new pair of reading glasses (because I need pairs everywhere now) and they always have the cutest designs. Turquoise and tortoise shell is always genius together, no?

I was pleased to see that Lemonwood Cashmere has opened on the main drag. They often sell at Polo for Heart, which is a highlight of my summer. Look at the splendid colours!

I bumped into a woman I know at the jewellers (I was getting a piece sized; she was doing something with her Rolex – you know, typical Stepford stuff…) She’s been lovely to me ever since I moved into town and it’s nice to be reminded of the good eggs, of whom there is an ever increasing number. She’s also a super cool lady who rises above the noise. So, once again, #goals.

I popped into Good Books to pick up a magazine I wanted. People in there are always so pleasant.

Finally, last night, I finished fellow Stepfordian Karma Brown’s latest book, In This Moment. It’s really good and is doing well on the best seller lists. It’s a great summer read if you are amassing your beach or cottage books.

I hope you are having a lovely day wherever you live.



  1. A good day in Stepford sounds like a very nice day indeed. Good parking? I can't remember the last time i recalled the notion! Theres traffic here even on the pavements. I wish the UK had a good Stepford option but it doesn't unfortunately. I think those frames would suit you to a tee as well Jen x


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