Coastal Cottage Update



We are madly preparing the cottage in Nova Scotia for our arrival in July.

The painting and floor refinishing is all done and apparently 32 boxes of furniture have arrived. We are having someone assemble all of the beds, but we will still be logging in some quality time with an allen key when we arrive after our 18 hour drive.

I’ve never done an 18 hour drive before with kids and a dog and a new husband. People say it changes you.

We’ve decided to rent out the place to friends and family during August and in the fall. We’d been hoping to spend the entire summer there but life with kids is busy. As it is, some of us will be running back and forth.

I can’t wait to see it all put together. I had to do something similar when I moved into the 1920s house I use to have. I had my things in storage and had to buy everything else from measurements, hoping it all would fit. I was not able to enjoy it until I was physically in the space. Then, putting it all together was restorative. I love fussing around with furnishings. That and exercise are the two things that keep me out of my head.

We’ve met new friends of friends and know others who will be visiting. So it shall be a social summer indeed, once we build the chairs.

If you are planning on visiting in July, give me a shout and we’ll have you over for drinks. And if you are firming up your summer plans, consider our place near Lunenburg. The tall ships are there in August and we have spectacular views.

I hope your summer plans are coming together. As soon as I’m out there, I’ll show some interior photos of the place. That is, if we all survive the drive!



  1. Hi Jen, next time we are in Nova Scotia I'd love to take you up on your offer – of a drink or to rent your place! We don't have any plans for this summer, but in September we are off to Germany and Budapest to visit friends and to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Overseas trips are also in the planning for the next 2 years, so I'm sure by the time we do get back to NS, you'll be done with the allen keys! :0)


  2. Oh gosh I'd love to rent your place from you! Maybe in the future, this August we'll be in Petty Harbour Newfoundland. I'm so excited for you, there's nothing like getting out to the east coast in the summer. We still fantasize about buying a place of our own out there but it wouldn't happen until Lil'Rascal is through with high school. XX


  3. Newfoundland should be lovely! We've bought this as an eventual seasonal retirement place. I'd hoped to summer there each year but – as you well know – the kids have other ideas. You should look into Lunenburg. The real estate values are very good and there is lots to do! We can get a compound and have J. Crew and Brora and the liquor store drop ship there once a week! xo


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