We have arrived! And a new blog series.

Some quiet in the chaos! 

We made it! After two days of driving, we made it to the sunny South Shore of Nova Scotia. In spite of having kids, a dog, and a million suitcases in the vehicle, we arrived semi-sane, all of us still speaking.

It’s a miracle!

I’ve never driven between Quebec and Nova Scotia, so New Brunswick was a whole new province to explore. We stayed in Edmundston, where the kids had a chance to blow off some steam. And we drove Magnetic Hill in Moncton, which – even though I’ve had the science explained – is still quite mind-bending.

Coburg’s Big Apple

Belleville’s Floral Flag

Welcome to New Brunswick!
You must try this if in Moncton! 
Nova Scotia! 

Serena’s carrying case may have been a little small! 

And then we were there!

Since Tuesday, when we arrived around dinner time, we’ve been to Bridgewater three times for supplies and have been cleaning and building furniture. L’enfer c’est les Ikea: and that’s all I’m going to say about that. Still, it is starting to pull together and you can’t beat the value they offer.

Serena has been very helpful, as you can imagine. 

 But…I’m finally able to put a few accent pieces around.

And we get to wake up to an ocean view from the upstairs window, which is a blessing!

We did manage to sneak out to Lunenburg for a quick dinner last night overlooking the beautiful harbour.

After dinner, we bumped into friends from Stepford at the Walmart in Bridgewater. I’ve never been a Walmart shopper but it’s where you go when you need a zillion things quickly like toasters and cutlery and a shower curtain liner. I’m looking forward to being at the point where I can take my time and shop locally.

Today is market day in Lunenburg. I LOVE a good farmer’s market. I’m looking forward to getting some fresh and healthy food into the house. Road trips and moving in are not conducive to healthy eating! We will head over once the plumbers are done. Water is an ever-present concern here. It’s all about plumbing and The Water Guy. These are all things we are learning. Thankfully, everyone is very helpful!

Once we get settled, I am going to love it here. The people are friendly, there is lots to do, the ocean is gorgeous, and I can more easily drive! The Mr. got a new SUV last month and I’ve not driven it since I’m just back to driving after my eye surgery debacle, and the learning curve of a new car seemed all too much. But I’m driving here since I don’t have to deal with 400 series highways and streetcars and cyclists swerving to avoid parked cars.

This week is also an exciting one as I’m kicking off a summer blog series at See Hear Love.

I’m so excited to be contributing to this project. I know a few of the women involved very well and they staid steadfast and encouraging during my season of doubt, when my faith was at rock bottom and I was done with the church and all it entailed. I feel very blessed.

Today’s post is on the need for rest, which is something near and dear to my heart.

Part of the whole Saved by Saltwater thing is rest. Lots of reading. Lots of looking at the stars. Lots of walking by the sea. And little day trips. I love little day trips. I’m looking forward to getting to know this beautiful province better and I will chronicle our adventures here.

Hope your summer is going swimmingly.



  1. I always think that driving through New Brunswick is such a breath of fresh air after the Ontario and Quebec highways! Your views are stunning – enjoy your time in Nova Scotia, I'm sure you will get the rest that you crave.


  2. Thank you for blogging at See Hear Love! I loved your post about rest…it seems to be a common theme from the Lord in my world! Your new home looks lovely! That view is a stunner!! Do you have any book recommendations (besides the Bible)? I hope, through all the chaos that you're able to find some snippets of rest yourself! Cheers,From Vancouver Island, BC


  3. Hi Nicole. Thank you so much for commenting! Rest is so key! For non-fiction books, I loved Emily Freeman's Grace for the Good Girl and pretty much anything by Lysa TerKeurst, Lisa Bevere, or Joyce Meyer. For fiction, I love Holly Robinson (Folly Cove was her latest) since she writes readable family dramas in beautiful settings. Karma Brown's latest – In This Moment – is also good. It brings up midlife ethical dilemmas in a tasteful way. I also loved Abby Fabiaschi's I Liked My Life. It made me cry in a good way!


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