Summer finds

The interesting thing about living ocean-side, is you pretty much stop caring what you wear. I have not had real makeup on for weeks. And I pretty much live in an East Coast Lifestyle hoodie.

The key right now is washability. I’d brought down my normal summer wardrobe of Tory Burch tunics and white J. Brand jeans. Only, it’s hard to take care of that kind of thing here since many of the pieces are hand-wash and hang to dry. We must be very careful with our water usage right now, which makes all of that washing out of the question. We could wash things in town and then take them back here to hang dry, but things dry very slowly right on the ocean. Using a dryer makes so much more sense, but most of my things have never seen the inside of a dryer.

So I’m down to wearing Everlane t-shirts and a couple of pairs of pants and shorts. And I honestly don’t care.

It doesn’t make one terribly interested in shopping in spite of all of the pretty, pretty things tempting me from my inbox right now.

Are Chanel jackets good in the dryer? 

Normally, I’d be combing through the online summer sales to pick up some pieces that I could stretch into fall but, so far, I’ve only purchased this cashmere scarf from Club Monaco, which is marked down from $140 to $48.30 Canadian and therefore could not be resisted.

I’ve liked what Club Monaco has offered over the last couple of seasons. I used to shop there all of the time in university, so it’s a brand I like to support.

Mainly, I’ve been picking up some local crafts to bring home. I picked up a little folk art sheep at the Hooked Rug Museum of North American. They have a number of Maud Lewis pieces on display.

I picked up a needle felted pincushion at the Lunenburg farmer’s market because I loved the marbled colour.

And I’m bringing back my pig cutting board from Ocean View Woodworking – also found at the market. Allan’s pieces are gorgeous and if you have a wedding gift or Christmas gift to buy, you can order a custom piece (think monograms!) I love the Whale charcuterie boards too.

We also picked up some decorative buoys in Blue Rocks. They are only $15 at a little shop with a cash box that works on the honour system. They make a pretty accent piece. 

I also found this cute recycled infinity scarf made out of recycled silk scarves by an artisan in Halifax at p’lovers in Mahone Bay. My mother, who is visiting, gifted it to me.

I found a huge ivory unstructured cardigan at Ardene in the Bridgewater mall. It was $11 on sale and I love it. I have no idea how to wash it but at $11 it was worth the risk.

As I say, I am living really differently right now and it’s kind of freeing.

Have you been making any interesting summer purchases?


  1. It is very different when one is by the water. Life slows down in the most delicious way. My wardrobe was entirely different when we stayed at our home on Vancouver Island and I found it so relaxing. Enjoy, Jen XX


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