September Vogue

The September issue of Vogue is now on shelves. I’m always excited to see the phone book and it made for nice commute reading. I have to say, though, there is not much I want to purchase.

I love these Ralph Lauren boots, but I own basically the same chunky heel, knee boots from Stuart Weitzman.

Supermodels in denim? Well, I guess I can do that (except the supermodel part.)

I own most of this already.
I adore this bag by Fontana Milano 1915. But it’s US$5K. And honesty? The model does not look super happy to be carrying it.
Love these Roger Viviers but $2,400 is de trop for feather slippers.
I’ll always be a fan of Betty Draper chic. Suburban ennui is the look I do best. But I can wear an old mink I got from a flea market when I want to blow bubbles with the kids.
Love this Gucci cow but he’s not for sale. Also, he’s in danger of alien abduction and I have enough going on right now without that.

Have you been inspired by the fall offerings?

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