Meet Teddy!

Sorry I’ve been absent, but on Sunday we brought home this little guy!

Meet Edward Angus McDuff, aka Teddy, our 12 week old Cairn Terrier.

After Serena passed away this summer, I really missed having a little sidekick. Sailor is a sweetheart, but he can’t travel in the car or be carried. So, I started to think about another dog. I loved Frenchies, but Serena was one of a kind and I felt that if I got another one, I’d be disappointed if he or she lacked Serena’s big personality.

So I started to think about other breeds.

In Nova Scotia, we kept running into Cairn Terriers. We saw the sweet pups everywhere. I’ve always loved terriers. Who does not love Toto?

I accosted a lady walking a Cairn near our place in Blue Rocks to ask her about her dog. She told me if I ever wanted a Cairn, there was an excellent breeder she’d dealt with for decades not too far from us in Stepford.

And so, in July and part of August, I had Cairns on the brain. I wanted a hypoallergenic breed, and a small dog with a big personality. Cairns seemed to fit the bill.

When Serena and I used to do therapy work at the Senior’s Centre, there was a lady whose husband had bought her a Cairn right before he died. She always felt that he knew he was going to die and bought her the dog so she would not be lonely. Isn’t that a sweet story? She used to talk all about her little Cairn all of the time.

And say a lot about Wallis Simpson, but her style was impeccable. So Cairns were an excellent style play too!

So, later in the summer, I called the breeder and asked about her dogs. There are not that many Cairn breeders any more since they are an old fashioned sort of breed. And she had none available. Then, we had a bit of a wild goose chase with a couple of other breeders and I started to give up hope.  But then the original breeder called me back and a family had changed their minds about wanting a pup over the summer and we were able to get Teddy!

I’m going to call that a God thing. I think God was having a really great day when he decided to invent the dog, don’t you?

We had to wait several weeks for him to be ready to come home, and we visited him a few times at the breeder. And then on Sunday, we brought him home.

I’ve never done the puppy thing, having always adopted adult dogs. Puppies have a lot of energy. It’s hard to work since he’s forever bounding around nipping at our heels. But thankfully, Teddy sleeps through the night.

It’s fun to watch him grow and change. He has a dark puppy coat which will likely turn to light red. And, I swear, he’s bigger already.

Next week, we start puppy classes, which should be extremely cute. It’s hard to get a lot done right now, but it’s worth it!


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