See Hear Love Taping

Happy Monday!

Teddy says hello! He loves to chew on just about everything, but his favourites seem to be LL Bean’s Wicked Good Slippers and Manuel Canovas fabric. At least he has good taste.

The show I taped on my faith walk is up on SeeHearLove. It’s always a bit nerve wracking for me to do TV since I’m somewhat of a perfectionist and – unlike with my writing – I do not have final editorial control. I wrote about my neurosis here.

But I’m happy with the piece. I think I shared what I wanted to share without looking like an idiot, which is always good. Whenever I talk about my faith, I always ask myself is this my utmost for His highest, in a nod to Oswald Chambers. And I think I did my best.

Plus, I love the SeeHearLove ladies. They are warm and engaging and easy to have a conversation with. I’ve really been enjoying blogging for their show.

This show is well-timed as a reminder for me. Last week, I had a disappointing visit with the eye clinic and it seems that if I want my messed up laser surgery corrected, I’ll be in for multiple surgeries that may or may not work. It was obviously not the news I wanted and, while I’m waiting for a definitive plan from the surgeon, I’m trying to stay optimistic. It’s never easy. I hate waiting and non-clear answers and this process is involving a lot of both.

On the positive side, the weather is expected to cool next week and it will start to feel like fall. And there is NFL football, which makes a nice focal point for the family. We are reestablishing our practice of big Sunday night dinners and it’s nice to have the game on during prep time. I’ve just started reading an advance copy of The Lifegiving Table courtesy of Tyndale Press and I’m hoping it gives me lots of dinner ideas for fall and winter.

I hope you have a fabulous week. There is a lot of crazy going on in the world and I hope you are safe and sound.


Update: We were very sad to hear about the passing of David Mainse, founder of Crossroads Communications and 100 Huntley Street. He pioneered faith-based programming in Canada and our thoughts are with his family. 


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  1. Obvious question but are you going for third opinions as well? I hope the eye thing gets sorted out once and for all. A lingering pesky health issue is so boring. How cute is your puppy? I just dog sat for a week so I am happy to see the pics because Millie just takes over my life when she is here.I just watched your taping – you also speak very well – normally people don't write or speak equally but you do.It did make me think even though I don't really do church so much anymore it made me pause xx


  2. I will be seeking other eye opinions for sure. It is irritating. It impacts driving and work so it's not a long term prospect as is! Teddy is a cutie but a handful and a half!! Thank you for the kind comments re the taping. It's always weird to see oneself on film! xoxo


  3. You are so funny! Yes, it is always good to share without looking like an idiot, and you were not idiotic in the least! It was a great interview Jen. I connected with you on suffering, church wounding, walking away from the faith and coming back again to the faith. It is so true that His way isn't always immediate healing, but a journey of healing that draws us closer, makes us more dependent upon Him, and teaches us more than when ever realize with a quick fix. I'm so thankful He is giving you the chance to share your story and pray that it will bless and bring healing to many. You are awesome my friend <3Patti


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