#TBT: Seventeen Magazine

I’ve always loved magazines. As a kid, I devoured Seventeen magazine.

From time to time, I like to go on Pinterest to see some of the old issues people have uploaded. I remember spending hours pouring over these very images and planning my adult life.

Warning: it’s pretty grim.

Like this gem:

/via Pinterest/

I’m not sure if the drinking age was lower in the 80s, but if you are old enough to buy champagne, you are old enough to know that oversized hair bow is a solid ‘no’, no?

I’m not sure what this one was all about. At the time, I loved colourful knitwear but now I think they look like Pennywise groupies. 

Ditto for this one. I had a siamese cat growing up and thought these gals looked swell. Now, they just look kind of nutty, no? 

Is this Lillian from Kimmy Schmidt? Sadly, I wore a ton of oversized Esprit back in the day, so I probably looked like this too.

At least these ladies have a Cairn terrier to enjoy when they unravel themselves from the giant burgundy scarf.

As do these ladies, who are taking a break from yodelling class. That’s a young Jennifer Connelly in her pre-Noah days.

I still like the boiled wool jacket / skater skirt look. Then again, I’m 45 years old, so it’s probably a lot more appropriate for me than my teenaged self. I always was an old soul. 

I remember thinking clear mascara was a really good idea. 

Now, not so much. I need a thick layer of paint before heading outside.

Were you a 1980s fashionista? What kind of things did you wear?



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