Christmas Decor

Well, Teddy rocked his first Halloween as a pirate.

Yo Ho Ho! 

I learned that there is a reason you see a lot more French Bulldogs in costume than Cairn Terriers. Terriers are not as into the whole Instagram thing. They’d far rather terrorize the neighbourhood rabbits than sit still for photos!

Once Halloween is over, I’m itching to get Christmas underway. I LOVE Christmas. I like to get a lot of the work done in November so that December is about hot chocolate, Christmas movies, and enjoying the season.

I’ve started to decorate a tiny bit. If I had my way, the Christmas tree would have been up the night after Canadian Thanksgiving, but I have a stubborn family who believes it’s still too soon. Don’t they know that in TV land, Christmas has already started?

A sneak peek at the See Hear Love Christmas set 

If you celebrate Christmas, are you an early decorator or do you wait until December?


  1. Hi Jen, Teddy looks cute in his costume although, yes, the photo is a little blurry! I like to start decorating in December BUT I do have to send at least one parcel to the UK before the end of October, and I like to start getting my Christmas card list in order in November. You are obviously of the same mind as Faux Fuchsia – she usually puts her tree up in September I think!


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