That was fast!

Goodness, this week has gone by quickly! I guess that’s what a busy work schedule does for one.

I’ve spent the week adding little touches of festivity here and there.

I pulled out the LL Bean Fair Isle. It’s now on for 25% off.

We watched our first Hallmark movie and had our first viewing of Elf.

I’ve started shopping a bit. My goal is always to be finished by the end of November. While at the mall, I tried a Starbucks Caramel Brulée Latte. I’m not a fan of overpriced sugary drinks, but when in Rome… It was actually quite tasty.

Teddy is growing like crazy. He’s huge now: almost his full length, I think. But he will fill out in width as he gets older. He has very definite ideas about how the household should run. As an example, he’s not fond of jackets. This was the best we could do to get it on before he started tearing it to shreds. And he’s torn the handle off his very favourite Chewy Vuitton bag.

He is still a fan of snacking on our baseboards! His next series of puppy classes starts soon. He’s doing a victory lap, as they say.

I’ve been reading Danielle Steele’s Changes as my guilty pleasure read. A few people have recommended it. It’s shockingly old. They are forever checking their pagers and seeking out pay phones. But the basic story still resonates. In another 80s flashback, I caught an episode of Days of Ours Lives while I was home recovering from vertigo (remind me not to drive the rollercoaster that is the Burlington Skyway again until my eye issue is well and truly fixed!) Days seems to be bringing everyone back from the dead! They have intact faces, good hair, and nice clothes. That’s such a wonderfully 80s concept, isn’t it. I miss those simple days before there were Zombies everywhere.

What have you been doing to keep yourselves busy? Have you indulged in any holiday treats or are you still holding off?



  1. Gosh he's darling! What a spot of delight he must be, and a handful:) I need to get shopping fast because I hate those last minute trips, says she who is always shopping Christmas Eve while pulling her hair out!


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