November What?

Ok, I seem to have nodded off and lost at least two weeks! The year is galloping along at a tremendous pace!

I’ve been writing and reading and doing freelancy things. Plus, it seems that every appointment for everyone in the house falls this month.

And then there is this guy!

Destroying things is Teddy’s cardio. Perhaps I should have followed some of his Cairn Terrier Instagram friends before making the commitment! Terriers seem to be full of beans. But who can resist that little face!! When he looks at you, he tilts his head to the side quizzically. It really is very endearing even when he tears up my nice red cashmere blanket! And in the meantime, I’ve put the Fortuny and Scalamadre pillows up high just in case.

The Christmas tree is up. We have not decorated it, but are stress testing it to see if it’s Cairn-proof before we load it up. Our Serena was always involved in knocking over the tree and Teddy is a lot wilder. We shall wait and see.

Speaking of French Bulldogs, have you see this video?
It literally makes me cry with laughter and reminds me of Serena. I still miss that little dog.

I’m doing some guest hosting for See Hear Love later in the week. I am applying undereye cream with a firehose in the hopes of looking less tired. I hope the makeup artist brings her magic wand!! Does anyone have any magic cream they recommend?

Is anyone else watching Greenleaf? Season 2 is on Netflix and it’s so good. I love the entire cast. It’s pretty soapy but has some solid faith elements snuck in there too. I never used to watch much TV but am now engrossed in Greenleaf, This is Us, Dynasty, and Suits.

Perhaps, that’s where this month has gone!


  1. He has the cutest little face… but you can definitely keep the puppy stage for you! We want to get a dog, but I'm so hestitant because of the things that will be chewed and the garden that will be dug up. I know it's a brief phase, but for some dogs it isn't! I hope he is past it quickly. So glad you've had distractions though as the loss of Serena will be felt for a very long time I'm sure. She was a dear little character. x


  2. Teddy looks extremely naughty, but nice! Such a sweet face one could forgive Teddy anything, I think.Only magic cream I know is the stuff that comes out of a tub. Good luck with the hosting, you have been a busy girl.


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