Mrs. Minerva

Are any of you readers of The English Home magazine? Even though it’s spendy to subscribe to it in the colonies, it’s such a treat to read Mrs Minerva’s column, which is a bougie guide to village living with her loveably dry style and excellent vocabulary. Rarely, in magazines, does one see a sentence containing both the words transmogrify and harridan. Well played, Mrs M, well played.


Each month, she focuses on Things One Needs to Be Told. I wish they would make this compulsory reading on the commuter train.

I’ve busted out the Nest Holiday candle, so it must be getting close to Christmas.

Next, we will hang ornaments on the tree since Teddy has yet to knock the thing down. The 7 foot diameter tree stand seems to help. I pray he does not chomp on the lights, although I’m not sure we could tell if he had been shocked since his wild hair and skittish manner are ever-present.

Hope your holiday preparations are going swimmingly.


  1. Her column is the main reason I still subscribe. The photos of Emma Bridgewater cups and terriers get a bit repetitive! Teddy's cuteness is his saving grace. He's completely destroying our house, but we love him. xo


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