Black Friday at the Mall

Yesterday, I was at the mall for Black Friday. In Stepford, Black Friday is always a PD day. Which means that teens tend to head to the mall to stock up on discounted Pandora, Pink, Lulu, and Brandy Melville. And Sephora, always Sephora, although I tend to agree with them on that one.

I dropped off my daughter with friends and then my son and I did some Christmas shopping. Since I’m a people watcher, I find malls fascinating, but I find them impossible to shop in. All of the usual suspects had wonderful sales, but I prefer to take my time online. I wanted to look through Holt Renfrew, but the layout is just confusing unless you want Gucci, Tiffany, Moncler or Charlotte Tilbury, which, yesterday, I did not. I don’t like this new retail trend of categorizing by brand. Best Buy does it now too. I find it takes too long to find things and to compare, which is the entire purpose of bricks and mortar shopping. I used to cover retail and media when I was a banker and I was forever railing on at the retail clients about the psychology of shopping per Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping. I maintain that they need to just make a section called “black pants” or “work-appropriate cocktail dresses.” I think this confusion is why everything I own comes from Tory Burch, J Crew, or Zara now. It’s just easier.

The only thing I saw that appealed were these Tiffany cups at Holt Renfrew, which I might put on my Christmas list.

Other than that and Susanna Salk’s At Home with Dogs and Their Designers: Sharing a Stylish Life, I really don’t want anything.

I must be getting old.

Even the Gucci Dionysus bag did not make it to my list, even though it’s quite lovely in person. I just can’t justify that kind of thing anymore. I’d rather channel funds into social justice efforts.


I can highly recommend these gold and black Old Navy pants for the holidays. I wore them for filming and got loads of compliments on them. And they are only C$25-30 depending on the day.

After two hours, a New York Fries and a Cinnabon (when in Rome…) my son and I had both had enough so we headed to the airport to do some plane watching.

Have you ever been plane watching? It’s quite the thing. My son loves it and goes often with his dad. There are lots of adults with high powered cameras in areas of the airport that seem highly off-limits but are open to the public. It’s quite magnificent to see the “heavies,” as they call the big planes, up close.

It was so nice to have a whole day off. Yesterday was the first day in weeks that I did not work. Freelance writing is an endless thing where you can always always do more. Now that I’m getting busier, I need to build some downtime into my schedule. I’m not even though Season 2 of Greenleaf yet! I’m looking forward to some downtime this weekend. The Mr. and I may hit the mall quickly to finish up our Christmas shopping and we have more puppy training classes, which Teddy needs! He’s losing his baby teeth and is a biting maniac these days. I wish I’d opted for slightly more disposable goods so I don’t go bananas every time he sinks his teeth into my leather nailhead armchairs with the absolutely perfect patina or leaps at the William Yeoward vase I stash my reading glasses in.

Who me? 

I hope you have a relaxing weekend.


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