Getting into the holiday spirit

I love Christmas. So I’ve been in full Christmas mode since November 1. But if you are one of those people who likes to wait, that’s OK, we can still be friends. Either way, here are some simple ways to get your holly jolly on.


Mistletoe Inn from Hallmark

Hallmark, W Network, Lifetime, and Netflix have lots of great holiday movies on right now. It really doesn’t matter which one you watch: they are kind of all the same. There are six main plots:

  1. Widow/widower meets single mom/dad. Romance ensures.
  2. Someone is, or secretly works for, Santa/Angel. Romance ensures.
  3. Big city business woman goes to small town to fix family run business. Romance ensues.
  4. A man and a woman are vying for the same job. Romance ensues.
  5. A woman has entered a cookie making contest to save her family business. Romance ensues. 
  6. A stay at home mom and corporate business woman switch identities. Romance ensures.

At least 75% of the movies star Alicia Witt. The other 25% star Candace Cameron Bure. Let the movie watching commence. I think The Mistletoe Inn looks like this year’s winner. I have no idea what it’s about and it really doesn’t matter.

If you really can’t do the Hallmark thing. Watch Collateral Beauty. It’s a nice cry-y holiday film.


Naturally, the best Christmas song ever is anything by Pentatonix.


I love The Beautiful Word Bible (NIV) for its beautiful illustrations (it’s the Bible in my blog header.) The Beautiful Word for Christmas is a gorgeous book that offers 31 days of beautifully illustrated Bible readings to start December 1.

I’m a Diptyque and Cire Trudon fan, but Christmas would not be Christmas without a Nest Holiday candle. We’ve had to go the fake tree route this year due to a new pup. But it still smells like Christmas, thanks to this candle. 
Advent Calendar
This year, my daughter has been researching advent calendars and the winner is the one by David’s Tea
Have fun getting into the holiday spirit!

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