Another Side of Meghan Markle

Used with permission of World Vision Canada

I wrote about Meghan Markle’s coats this week and, apparently, y’all really like her! So I thought I’d write a little more.

In addition to being an actress on Suits, and having excellent style, and being engaged to Prince Harry, Meghan also has a heart for philanthropy. Meghan has served as an ambassador for World Vision for the past two years.  I just so happen to know World Vision Canada’s Chief Marketing and Development Officer, Lara Dewar, and her team sent me some photos from Meghan’s service trip to Rwanda to show another side of the actress and soon-to-be princess. I hope to chat with Lara soon to get the scoop. (It’s good to have friends in high places!)

Use with permission of World Vision Canada

Lara has travelled with Meghan on service trips and “officially” has this to say about her:

Meghan is a true humanitarian. We’re deeply grateful for her contribution as a global ambassador for World Vision over the past two years and for helping to raise awareness for the world’s most vulnerable children. I personally witnessed Meghan’s passion to improve the lives of children, and know her heart to advocate for the rights of girls – to hear and amplify their important voices. She will undoubtedly bring vast energy to her charity work as a member of the Royal Family. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and Prince Harry – a couple who clearly have a heart for social justice.

I bet Meghan’s lovely. She has a rescue beagle, Guy, and my beloved Riley was a rescue beagle, so obviously she’s awesome and has a huge heart.


Here’s a little video of Meghan on her most recent service trip. You can totally see why Harry is crazy about her!

If you want to access a little bit of the “Meghan factor” but don’t need a new winter coat, you can always consider a donation to World Vision. I bought a rooster and some hens for Giving Tuesday that I plan to give as a Christmas gift. This year, shopping the World Vision catalogue is not only a nice thing to do, but has a bit of a royal touch!

Disclosure: I am in not compensated in any way by World Vision for any work on this blog but World Vision is a Partner of See Hear Love, where I work as a blogger. 

Love to hear from you!

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