Christmas Gifts to Help Someone Feel Better – Day 8

I just realized that these Christmas lists are sort of a Twelve Days of Christmas deal, even though the true twelve days run from Christmas to Epiphany. In terms of the gift ideas I’ve been blogging, we’re on the eighth day.

I’m headed in for some more eye surgery and will have some mandatory downtime, which – just before the holidays – is sure to be frustrating. As I wrote this post, I thought about the types of things that might help those going through illness, pregnancy bedrest, or surgical recovery during the holidays feel a touch more merry and bright. While the eight maids a-milking could whip up some restorative White Russian cocktails, I think the following gifts might be better received…

Flowers are so very lovely at at this time of year and red roses are particularly splendid. This Very Merry Bouquet from The Bouqs is gorgeous and sure to cheer up someone’s room.

Occitane makes gorgeous almond oil products. The Supple Skin Oil and Milk Veil smell wonderful and help offset the drying effect of too much time spent indoors.

Is there anything more cozy than Brora’s Cashmere Bed Socks? No, there is not. If someone you know if bedridden for a time, these are beautifully soft socks would add some comfort to a less-than-lovely experience.

A bed jacket adds a touch of old-fashioned glamour to bedrest or a hospital stay. The Contessa Bed Jacket is very spendy, but the dramatic collar would certainly make one feel more like receiving guests.

I’ve scheduled some posts to run during my absence but comment publishing will be held until I’m back on my feet.

Take care!



  1. These are such lovely ideas for helping someone feel better and there are so many people that would really appreciate these gifts at this time of year – as you know, life doesn't stop just because it is Christmas. I don't think you can ever overestimate the power of a lovely bunch of flowers – especially if they are festive.Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo


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