Christmas Traditions: Christmas Cakes

I hate fruitcake.

That’s not entirely true. I like a very light fruitcake, absolutely soaked in rum. It’s hard to find.

I like other desserts a lot more. I love Italian pastries at Christmas. Give me a cannoli over fruitcake any day of the week. We are lucky to have a gorgeous Italian bakery and deli not that far from where we live. So I can feast on this and this and this.

Also, rum balls.

I’ve made The Philly Crean Cheese Rum Ball since high school, when I made it with 1/4 bottle of overproof rum.

They were runny but very popular.

Isn’t this sign perfect?

You can just buy a cake whenever you want. Isn’t being an adult wonderful?

What is your dessert preference over the holidays?



  1. me too and i really dont like mince pies – and i swear every year i get people who think they found a mince pie that isn't like a normal mince pie and then i am like – nope that is yucky too. i like profiteroles during this season.


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