Christmas Traditions: Candles

On See Hear Love, we’ve been lighting the Advent Candles each week to help us focus on Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love this Christmas season. Whatever your faith, lighting a candle is such a hopeful sign of the light we can bring into an often dark world.

I live surrounded by candles. Having a Swedish grandmother, I grew up with Angel Chimes, as have my kids. Diptyque now makes a fancy version, shown above, that sells out each year.

On the third week of Advent, we light a pink candle, representing Joy. If you feel you need an injection of joy in your life, you can read my See Hear Love blog post from today that focuses on how joy is available even during the hardest of times.

You can also catch the show. I was having a particularly good hair day, so that made me joyful in and of itself!

Speaking of joyful: is this pillow by craftberrybush on Etsy not delightful? I love supporting independent artists.

Teddy approves…

Enjoy your Monday, as the countdown to Christmas continues…



  1. I can see the Swedish in you for sure! I am loving candles right now, I have them all over the house. Diptyque are my favourite even though I have to include them in my Christmas budget as they are NOT a miscellaneous expense. Love that cheerful pillow and I hope you are well (and resting)! xx


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