Christmas Traditions: Velvet Dresses

I grew up deep in the heart of the Laura Ashley era, where a velvet Christmas dress to wear to church was pretty much a must. Ditto for New Year’s Eve. My fondness for velvet frocks has carried into midlife and I always have a couple of velvet dresses in rotation.

Right now, my two standbys are this velvet tunic dress from Brora (mine is in a sapphire blue from a few years ago.)

And this pink crushed velvet dress from Anthropologie (purchased last year.)

Since these dresses are no longer available, here are some sweet alternatives if you are looking for a velvet fix this year.

This Nicole Miller velvet dress from Anthropologie is sweet.

The Yumi Kim Velvet Wrap Dress is fetching.

I love the looks of this Isabelle emerald dress from Boutique 1861, an online retailer out of Montreal I’ve shopped in the past. In terms of quality, this is fast fashion a la Zara, but I love their curation of pretty and romantic goods.

Speaking of Zara, this dress is quite lovely.

This velvet dress from Anthropologie channels a serious 1980s vibe.

Anthro dress
Laura Ashley 1980s party dress

Are you embracing velvet this Christmas?



  1. I was down to zero velvet so I had to find a new dress! I bought an Eileen Fisher black velvet wrap dress and I love it. It was pockets and it's very warm, I've worn it to two parties already and I'm just going to keep wearing it everywhere. Love that Brora dress of yours xx


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