Christmas Traditions: Christmas Movies

I love a good Christmas movie.

Actually, I love just about any Christmas movie. I’ve watched a lot of them this year as I rest and recover.

The 2017 Hallmark winner was Christmas in Evergreen. It features a classic red truck with a wreath, is set in the cute town of Evergreen, and has both a vet and a widower. And, there is a basket of pugs. Literally. One of the best lines, spoken by the small town vet moving to the big city, is: “I don’t know if I’ll have time for a pile of pugs.” Corny and cute: Christmas movie perfection.

The country vet is throwing some side eye at the dialogue.

My One Christmas Wish (2015), which is based on a true story, was the most inspiring Christmas movie I saw this year. It’s about a women who grew up in foster care, who advertises for a family for Christmas. Don’t wear mascara to watch this one.


Every year, I have to watch Little Women with the younger kids.


I saw it at Christmas in the theatre when it came out in 1994. I’d always loved the story, but I fell in love with the actors, the clothes, and the music. I’ve been to Orchard House several times, including this past summer, because I’m such a fan. I mean, how can you not like a film with the line, “Oh, isn’t butter divinity?”

Also, the costumes are lovely.


The children love Elf, so it’s a sentimental favourite every year. Plus, it’s very enjoyable. “You sit on a throne of lies” is a pretty awesome line.

But the winner of winners – and there will be no arguing about this – is It’s a Wonderful Life. I know it was a big flop when it was released, but I think it was before its time. Though parts of it are obviously dated, it strikes me as surprisingly modern in some ways and always makes me cry. It’s simply the best.


Do you have any favourite films? (Other than It’s a Wonderful Life, of course…)



  1. Hi Jen, yesterday I was reading about the 'competition' between Netflix and Lifetime for the worst aka cheesiest Christmas movie – one is called My Christmas Prince (Lifetime) and the other is A Christmas Prince (Netflix). My husband and I had a quick look at both but couldn't, really couldn't watch more than 10 minutes of either! My all-time favourite Christmas movie is White Christmas – I love the songs, especially 'Sisters', I love the fashion, and I try to watch it every year. Hope your recovery is going well!


  2. White Christmas is a winner too. They knew how to dress then, didn't they! I saw two Christmas Prince movies advertised and was confused. That explains the confusion. They really are all the same! Xx


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