Christmas Traditions: The Queen’s Christmas Message

Being a part of the colonies, it’s tradition to watch the Queen’s Christmas Message to see what’s what.


I will be very disappointed if there is not a brooch and triple strand of pearls this year. 2017 was a bear and her jewelry is such a comfort. If you can’t count on the Queen to sport a brooch and pearls, what on God’s green earth can you count on?

Perhaps I’ll wear a brooch to watch the speech just in case…

The Met Shop has an excellent brooch game. The Openwork Rosette Pin is a serious contender:

As is the Radiant Star Pin (on clearance!) 

In the past, the Queen has spoken on a myriad of inspiring topics. I do hope this year she talks about Harry and Meghan. Perhaps she can dish a little on what they discussed at the Queen’s Christmas Lunch. And opine on Meghan’s dress.

Nightshade Midi Dress by Self Portrait

Meghan seems to favour netting with embellishments, with a fuller skirt.  Her official engagement portrait dress has a similar look.


Is this a little preview of her wedding dress style?

Will you be watching the Queen’s Christmas Message this year?



  1. Hi again Jen – catching up on your posts, you have been very prolific this Christmas! :0) Yes, I definitely will be watching the Queen on Christmas Day. I remember years ago when I was teaching English in Germany. I happened to be in Lahr, where the Canadian Forces were stationed. I used to listen to CFN, Canadian Forces Network, on the radio and that first Christmas I didn't go home, so listened to the message on the radio. One of my students knew one of the radio presenters, so I had the idea of asking for a tape of the message to play to my students. I wondered if they would recognize the voice – but they had no idea who it was, and weren't very excited when I told them, so that idea fell a little flat!


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