Christmas Traditions: Christmas Stockings

One of my favourite childhood memories is waking up to find a filled stocking at the end of my bed on Christmas morning. Gifts under the tree are lovely, but there is something so very festive about stockings. And as Santa’s official assistant now, it’s so fun to find tiny gifts that suit and keep the recipients occupied until an acceptable hour.

When the Mr. and I merged families, I was happy to see that we had the same customized LL Bean needlepoint stockings. So we are all able to have something coordinated hanging over the fireplace! We all have our own (even the pets) since stockings are a serious business and not simply for children.

One of my favourite gifts as a teen in the late 1980s were crystal balldrop earrings that looked a lot like this.


I felt so very glam.

I also loved receiving Ferrero Rocher chocolates as a young adult. I’ve had all sorts of bespoke chocolate all over the globe, but good old gold-wrapped Ferrero Rochers are still some of my favourites.

I love magazines in stockings, especially the fancy, spendy ones one normally would not purchase for oneself.


And a little luxury makeup item never goes unappreciated.

I’m allergic to citrus (I know!) so I don’t do the orange in the toe of the stocking thing. I wish I could as it’s a lovely sounding tradition.

Are you a Christmas stocking person? What do you fill yours with?



  1. We are stocking people! I hand needle pointed one for everyone in our family. Each one took months. I can't tell you how freaked I was to see the same exact stockings pre made online! Oh well, 'tis the season. Merry Christmas Jen! xoxo


  2. Yes we do stockings – over the years I have made them for the extended family. My mister and I have brought ours to Canada for this Christmas. We do little chocolate treats, fun earrings or bangles. Sometimes I get a tiny bottle of champagne. Have a beautiful Christmas 2017.


  3. Hi Jen, believe it or not, I did not have a Christmas stocking growing up in Scotland. Our presents came in a pillowcase. Nevertheless, we did always have what you might call stocking fillers – clementines, chocolate coins and fruit jellies. Nowadays we still get our boys a Terry's Chocolate Orange. And although I, too, love Ferrero Rochers, my favourite Christmas chocolate of all is Toffifee. I first had them in Germany years ago and was excited to find them in Canada. I only get one box at Christmastime – I daren't get them more often, that's how much I like them! :0) Have a very Merry Christmas – your first as a married couple, yes?


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