Christmas Traditions: Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve Day!

We are still figuring out our new traditions and trying to find the mix to please everyone. I’ll be in my office eating Ferrero Rocher while everyone decides.

In the meantime, here are some Christmas traditions that strike me as particularly lovely.

Attending church. There is something so lovely about the candle-lit Christmas service at an Anglican church. At Christmas I want old-school stained glass windows and candles and flying buttresses. My parents attend a gorgeous old church with stained glass a-plenty so that’s one of the options.

Festive supper. Growing up, we had Chinese Food or Tourtière on Christmas Eve, depending on who we were visiting. The Mr. has always had appetizers. We will probably sdo some mix of all three. I know that we will have some Tourtière for sure since I picked one up from a local caterer in town and love it with tomato relish. We will also have cheese and crackers because my friend’s daughter did a cheese selling fundraiser for her sports team and I’m very giving when it comes to causes involving nice cheese.

Chocolate consumption. We have Dutch friends who supply us with our initials in chocolate each year. Christmas Eve is a perfect time to enjoy them!

Preparing the breakfast. Nobody wants to be cooking several meals on Christmas Day, so if you are cooking for a  crowd, preparation is key. Growing up, my aunts made The Best of Bridge’s Christmas Morning Wife Saver, which, in spite of the cheeky title, was delicious. (I’m not sure why I had any since I have an asthma triggering egg allergy, but it was the 1970s and you just made do with the breathing restrictions…) It’s delightfully retro and I might try to figure out how to do this without egg because I’m all over anything involving white bread and butter.

Christmas lights viewing. If the weather is good, we’ve often driven around looking at the Christmas lights. Stepford is the land of professional light stringing, but some people put so much personal effort into their displays and I like to appreciate them.


Movie watching. Often, we’ve watched movies Christmas Eve. I’ve tended to watch Little Women. The Mr. has watched Die Hard. Mars, meet Venus. This year, we can probably all agree on Elf.

Santa monitoring. Of course, we have to monitor Santa on the NORAD Santa Tracker. It would not be a modern Christmas without it.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas Eve.


Love to hear from you!

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