Boxing Day Online Finds

The sweater I wanted yesterday was not on sale, nor was the almond cream. So I redirected my efforts.

I wanted to be very focused in any online shopping. I only want pieces that stretch into spring so that means no wooly sweaters. I also do not need bags or shoes or gloves or scarves ever again so I said no to those even though I LOVE them.

All of the interest in the Royals has got me excited about Canadian brands once again. I’ve been a fan of Smythe since I went to biz school with Smythe co-founder Andrea Lenczner and I was at one of their first off the rack sales at someone’s home. It’s no wonder that Kate is a fan of their jackets: they fit like a dream.

My closet is quite full, but I’ve been missing a red jacket and have been keeping my eye out for one for several years. When I saw the portrait neck Smythe Red Wool Jacket marked down at Saks, I had to grab it.

It’s a beautiful true red and has two buttons since I have several of the one button style and wanted something a little more business-y.

I also shopped the markdowns at Lululemon online for a couple of basic pieces for my daughter.

I picked up some tops at Zara in case I need to film. I’m a jacket and jeans girl but that look it too hot under studio lights. So I needed some cheap tops and Zara had a great selection for under $30 a piece.

Look at this cotton and linen top for C$26.

And this 100% linen top for C$26.

This spring, I’ll be happy I made these purchases.

I’m spending the rest of Boxing Day shopping with girlfriends while everyone else relaxes and eats leftovers. Then tonight, I’ll watch a movie.

Did you have any luck yet at the post-Christmas sales?



  1. Hi Jen, I would LOVE a Smythe jacket! Please let us see what yours looks like on when it comes. I think we'll go downtown later in the week – it's not ideal, but I much prefer knowing if and how something fits. But thanks for highlighting the Zara linen tops – I love linen for the summer, and we are going on a cruise in October (Eastern Med), so I'll need more light clothing. Oh, by the way – I have been dabbling in instagram and have followed you. I realized that most of my favourite bloggers put lots of nice content on their instagrams and I'm missing out! However, I don't use a cell phone, so I'm on the laptop and I don't know if I'll actually put any photos up. Any photos I take seem really pedestrian in comparison to the instagrams I've seen!


  2. I'll have to follow you back on Instagram. I love the ease of use of IG. Lots of the bloggers I love seem to be there more than on the blogs. The cruise should be wonderful. My parents recently travelled in that area and loved it. It will be fun preparing for that. Xx


  3. That Smythe jacket looks so good, and it's the perfect red! I was very strategic with my shopping and I'm not really into buying new clothes but I did buy a robe from Au Lit at half price to replace mine that I finally had to throw away last month, it was done. I also stocked up on undergarments from Fortnight in Toronto, I love their things and 40% yes thanks. It sounds like you had the perfect Boxing Day. xx


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