Countdown to New Year’s Eve

Is there anyone out there not thrilled that 2017 is coming to a close? What a crazy year. I want to grab a beer, engage the emergency slide, and get the heck out of this year à la that Jet Blue Employee.

Between the failed eye surgeries (I still cannot see!) and running out of water out East (we now have a cistern), it was a challenge. We finally got to the bottom of my daughter’s health issues and it’s a fructose allergy, which means eliminating just about everything. And, vertigo/eye issues means skiing and highway driving are out for a while. Grrr.

One of the hardest parts was losing this sweet girl.

Serena the French Bulldog

And of course there was the news, which seemed to draw all of the crazies out of the woodwork. Basically, the only positive news item this year was this:

Honestly, that video makes me laugh every time I see it and provided much needed levity.

And of course, there were these two!


There were also lots of positives.

The Vow Renewal at Greenbrier
See Hear Love
Teddy “Biting is my Favourite” the Cairn
The Ocean
The Cruise


Lunenburg Biscuits

Point General Ice Cream


Orchard House

There were some excellent books to be read. Holley Gerth’s Fiercehearted: Live Fully, Love Bravely and Alice Anderson’s Some Bright Morning, I’ll Fly Away: A Memoir were highlights.

There were some excellent clothes to be purchased. My favourite new pieces were my A/W 17 Tweed Smythe jacket and the discovery of cheap and cheerful Zara tops.



We no longer have orange floors!

As 2017 draws to a close, I’m making plans for 2018. My work brought me in touch with many amazing charities this year and I’d like to give more this year. While freelance work looks promising, this also means trimming back on spending, and clothes and makeup have always been my Achilles heel. I’m committing to a no spending quarter – January and February and March – which feels embarrassingly ambitious. I still plan to write about style since I love fashion, beauty and home decor. I just plan to replicate what I love from the pieces I already own.

I’m not going to be Draconian about it. If my kids need things, I’ll get them. I’ll purchase birthday gifts and such. I plan to eat at home more but that’s more about my daughter’s diet and healthy eating than it is a no spending plan. I’ll replace things as needed but won’t buy a new shampoo just because I read about it in Allure unless I have no shampoo left in the cupboard. And we will still go on planned vacations and to concerts.

So not too hard, but as a style lover, there is always the temptation of the next new thing, which is the cycle I want to break.

Have you started to work on your resolutions? Are you looking forward to the end of 2017?



  1. Jen, that tweed jacket is so lovely! I love that tv clip – Marion for the win!! I think all-in-all you had a pretty good year, but of course losing Sabrina was tough, and I'm sorry to hear that you still can't see properly. I do hope that both you and your daughter's health issues are resolved in 2018. We had some good trips this year, and have had fun planning our travel for next year and beyond. We also celebrated our silver wedding anniversary, so that was very nice. We have a few worries about one son who hasn't yet 'fully launched' – he's out of the house but wants to get back into full-time education after a pause. Our other son will graduate next year … no idea what he will do (politics major) but he seems optimistic. My husband will retire from the army this spring after 31 years … and the next day he will go back to work, to the same office, in civvies! As long as Phoenix doesn't get him, we should be ok! Happy New Year!


  2. It sounds like you had a generally good year too. I think the not fully launched thing is an issue for many. Boomeranging seems to be part of that generation! Retirement will be an interesting change although it sounds like your husband will still be working. I'm sure Phoenix is no match for him! Have a very happy New Year and enjoy thinking about those trips! Xx


  3. I loved that BBC clip, and am right on board with H&M, love royal weddings. I am sorry to read of your eye surgery, do hope it can be rectified. Allergies are a real trial, I am covered in hives as we speak! Good luck there too. Love your round up of 2017 and really should give my year some thought.


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