Meghan’s Club Monaco Dress and Top Home Design Trends of 2018

Meghan Markle showcased yet another Canadian brand in the choice of dress she wore on Christmas Day. Club Monaco has confirmed that their Tay dress in a rich claret velvet was her frock of choice. It’s sold out at Club Monaco, but was still available in select sizes at Neiman Marcus. I hope Jessica Mulroney continues to be her stylist for a while and she continues to showcase Canadian brands. 


(You can just spot a peek of the dress in the above photo.)

How is 2018 treating you so far? I hope y’all have your hot tea at the ready. Ms. Mariah is making that a condition of this new year.


I loved this article on the top interior design trends of 2018 in Vogue. I have some hope of being on trend this year while being able to reach my No Spending goal!

Here are some of the highlights from the article:

“Marie Antoinette said the only thing that is new is what has been forgotten, and trends are tied to that thought: something that has been forgotten that is being enjoyed again. I think old-fashioned chintzes are looking modern again, especially if used sparingly….” —Miles Redd

“Chintz is making a big comeback. Using the same floral fabric on the walls, window treatments, and furnishings—think English country but updated. Lots of florals and colors that pop, like turquoise, apple green, and shocking pink.” —Kathryn M. Ireland

I’ve started to bring some chintz pieces back into my world. I LOVE my chintz chair by Rowe.

“I predict that classic, traditional design elements will be back in a big way in 2018! They’ve certainly never gone away entirely, but over the past few years, everyone has gone mad for modern. Given the uncertainty of our current political and social climate, it makes sense that people would gravitate to classic, sure-fire favorites to make their homes a true respite from the rest of the world. Get ready for antiques, traditional brown furniture, and printed fabrics such as floral chintzes to make their mark in the new year.” —Paloma Contreras

Yes! I still have 25 year old brown leather pieces with a deep patina and (now!) puppy chew marks.

And I love my antiques!

“While we consider white kitchens beautiful, timeless, and classic, we predict they have reached the peak of popularity. In 2018, look out for darker, moodier, dramatic kitchens that will wow you with their sultry and saturated colors.” —Jean Liu
Phew! There is hope for my oak kitchen yet! Ain’t nothing say “moody” like Baltic Brown granite…
“To maximize usable space, many people are converting the dining room into a library or media room. Homeowners and apartment dwellers are finding ways to create spaces designated for reading and watching TV.” —Suzanne and Lauren McGrath
Behold our dining room!
It’s my parlour and office space since we needed two home offices. 
See, I’m very on trend. 
Oversized pendants are also on trend. I’m thinking the Wooster top hat light in my office is very 2018. 
Are you planning on embracing any of the new design trends this year?
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  1. Change is a good thing. It seems now when a purchase is made for the interior of the home that purchase can be used not only for one designated area. A sideboard or breakfront can be used in any room. I like change but I also like to use my investment where needed.


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