Stay Warm (and final day for a giveaway)

We are weathering the arctic blast. We just have lots of snow and it’s freezing, but other than that, we’ve been relatively sheltered. The little kids’ weekend with their dad was delayed as his flight from NYC was cancelled several times. He ended up Amtraking it and the kids met him on the train en route to Toronto. Kudos to the VIA employee waiting on the platform with their tickets to escort them aboard! And props to the Mr. for keeping me calm as plans continued to shift.

So far, our Nova Scotia house is still standing although there was a lot of damage right across from us. The stored lobster traps referenced in this article are near us.

The seaweed washed over the road as is usual after a storm. Our friends in nearby Rose Bay had to wait for the seaweed ploughs to arrive. Life is different on the ocean.

It was a perfect day to visit The Weather Network with the little ones.
We got to meet with a number of hosts, get a great tour of the studio, and goof around against the green screen. And because the weather was so active, there was a lot going on. They were live feeding to CBC and Sirius, and Jaclyn Whittal from Storm Hunters was there.

I’m a total studio nerd, so I loved it. Since getting the place out east, I have a much better appreciation for the weather. This clip from Storm Hunters gives you a sense of how some of our NS neighbours are impacted by storms.

Did you get hit by the bomb cyclone? How are staying warm?

This is the final day for the giveaway of Candy Shop Vintage Rice Beads in on-trend Cinnamon.

If you win, I will send them to you as a little winter pick-me-up! You can click below to enter. You don’t have to be on Instagram to enter, but I had to set some sort of parameter to make it work.  I’m playing around with Rafflecopter to see how user-friendly it is. Jury is still out so far!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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