Strong Coat Game from Meghan and Kate

from Vanity Fair

Now that we’ve established that it’s OK to still like fashion, can we talk about Meghan’s and Kate’s most recently worn coats?

Meghan paired her Smythe Brando coat she’d worn before with a Jigsaw scarf. The coat is sold out, but the Brando is a Smythe standard so I imagine they will bring it back next year. Or you can still  pick it up in a leopard print at Revolve.

Or you can guess at what Smythe pieces Meghan might wear from pre-spring. The Duchess Blazer is popular with Kate so perhaps Meghan will borrow one!

I’ve always been happy with my Smythe jackets, but I always wait to pick them up on sale. My grey tweed and red wool boxing day bargains were well worth it. Note that you have to try Smythe jackets on (or call the store to get detailed measurements if shopping online.) I’m generally a 6 but was a 4 in one jacket and an 8 in the other.


Kate’s coat game was strong too. She wore her Moloh Turpin coat this weekend. She’s worn it before, in 2014, which I love.

I own a couple of Moloh jackets and they are lovely and very well made. They are having their fall/winter clear out, which makes them slightly less spendy. They are timeless. I picked up this cream jacket a few years ago and they still offer very similar styles. 
The workers coat is currently on sale and Kate has sported that style before in a plaid. 
How is your coat game holding up so far? We had an arctic blast that made dressing nicely impossible. It’s a little bit warmer this week so my coat game is slightly better. I’m looking forward to wearing my birthday coat from Maska Mode in on-trend burgundy. No spend January has been a piece of cake with my birthday falling this month. No spend February will be much more challenging! 
Stay warm (or cool, if in the southern hemisphere!) 


  1. Love looking at these gorgeous coats, and Meghan is making a fabulous start to royal duties/fashion. Coats are beautiful, and I enjoyed being in Canada and wearing one. Last year was so hot here I only wore my wool coat twice. Unfortunately there is no justification to own more than one. Back home now, and sixty degrees hotter than I was last week. The heat has no mercy!!


  2. I love coats! I've just given a bunch of my coats to my daughter and was looking to replace some, so I bought a couple of coats from Boden (in blue) during their boxing week sale, and one from Club Monaco (black). I've also had to buy a new black skirt suit after Christmas and that should arrive soon, I went for one from Theory and I'm crossing fingers it fits. After these 2017 purchases I'm trying not to buy anything else new this year, we'll see how that goes! Love your coat and jacket picks by the way. xx


  3. Your coat game has always been strong. Lucky Rascal! The skirt suit sounds lovely. Theory is always a wise choice. I'm on a no new clothes or makeup 2018 (unless it's a strict replacement.) I'm fine for winter. We'll see what the summer holds…


  4. Coats are my favorite winter accessory, paired with a scarf. It has not been cold enough yet to break out my wool coats this year, sigh, so I've been wearing jackets instead; tweed and good 'ol Barbours.


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