Easy Dinner Party Ideas: Chinese Takeout

Happy weekend! I hope you have some nice plans.

Now that my next round of eye surgeries is done —  still no improvement from what I can tell… — I need to get back to entertaining. Because I’m not a great cook, my very favourite way to entertain is to order in Chinese Food, and to set a fancy table.

I’d love a tablecloth out of Schumacher’s Chiang Mai dragon.

These pewter Dragon napkin rings by Vagabond are fun. Vagabond makes all kinds of fabulously cute table decorations. Their rabbits look like winning pieces for Easter.

These L’Objet Pagoda Salt and Pepper shakers are a lovely touch, even though the food is already well-spiced. 
Why not serve champagne with your eggrolls from this Aerin Ginger Jar Champagne Bucket?

How do you like to entertain? Do you focus more on the food? The decor? Or both?


  1. What a great idea to order in Chinese food, so fun too! Love these ideas for setting the table too. My mother-in-law always advised me to take good care setting the table, it gives your guests a shot of excitement when they arrive! I think the food was always secondary to her.I guess for me I focus on the food a bit more and I tend to set a fairly plain table. I should improve that! xx


  2. I get stressed when I cook for guests, which makes me a not good host. I prefer to be relaxed, feed people something, provide good booze, and a fancy table! I loved your bar snack idea for your holiday gathering. I think I might adopt that next year! Xx


  3. I get very stressed when we entertain! My husband is a bit of a joker so I have to be very strict with him and tell him not to mess about – that can really set me off! 😊 I tend to do all the planning and prep. and my husband does any cooking that needs to be done as guests arrive. Like Dani, I set a fairly plain table and we mostly focus on the food. We don't entertain all that often and I'm very relieved when it goes of well.


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