Freedom for All: Ethical Clothes (you want to wear!)

This year, my One Word is joyful, and I’m trying to bring more joy into my life. I try to keep this blog space focused on the lovely part of life (for ranty me, head on over to Twitter.) I also believe that we are commanded to help bring joy into others’ lives, and there is a social justice aspect to joyful living that does not always look Instagram pretty.

In January, many social agencies draw attention to the worldwide problem of human trafficking. There are a lot of great organizations helping to free vulnerable people from enslavement, including International Justice Mission, World Vision, and A21. Part of my year-long no shopping commitment is to be able to put more resources towards these organizations. (Plus, no shopping is super trendy – even Elle’s Senior Fashion Editor Nikki Ogunnaike is doing it and is writing about things she wanted to buy but didn’t.)

When I buy gifts, which I am still doing, I want to do so in a more thoughtful way. Here are some gift ideas from organizations that give back to trafficking survivors.

I love the idea behind Sudara. They provide women in India rescued from trafficking with jobs. I love their THIS IS NOT A SWEATSHIRT sweatshirt.

This Anju Robe is also gorgeous.

My Sister fights trafficking one shirt at a time. I love this tank from the Amber Tamblyn collaboration. The quote is simply beautiful: “May all the pain be taken from our swallowed, scar-sculpture hearts and be given to no one else. Not even our worst enemies.” Yes.

Christine Caine’s A21 is a fabulous organization, working across the globe to free people from slavery. Their Liberty scarf is lovely gift.

The Freeset scarves are gorgeous and the organization employs women from Kolkata – the place with the most trafficking in the world.

And of course, there is my favourite World Vision Heart on Your Sleeve sweatshirt.

I like the idea of subscriber boxes as a pick me up for someone having a hard year or as a gift for someone away at college. I adore these Anchor of Hope boxes filled with products made by trafficking survivors and at-risk refugees. I hope they ship to Canada soon.


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  1. I have not heard about these companies and the way they send resources to fight trafficking. What a very worthy cause indeed. I will look out for them – the robe and the pink scarf are very appealing to me.


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