The No Shopping Update and a Review of Dr. Dennis Gross Peel and Juice Beauty Serum

We are half way through no spend January. How are you doing? I’m not entirely shopping-free. I bought 3 tank tops at Walmart for $9 (for the three!) since I needed them for under sweaters (two of my old ones had to be retired.) I bought a new label maker for $24 and needed a new essential oil diffuser ($49) since diffusers keep the crazy away and mine is fried.

There are so many cute things that I wanted to get, namely this Wildfox Beverly Hills Sweater, which I saw another style blogger sport. Of course, it’s cashmere. And of course it’s on sale at 60% off…

But alas, it’s not for me.

I’m wearing more things in my closet. I wore my burgundy tweed top to The Dinner Party (if you have a chance to see this Cheever-esque play, you must go!) along with my Shearling Trench Coat that is a dead ringer for the Burberry (and might well be — I got it at a sample sale years ago.) Everyone asked if the pieces were new but they are not. This is simply what happens I go to the back of my closet. I think I will end up dressing better by virtue of not buying new. It’s forcing me to look at all of my options rather than lazily grabbing what’s on top of the pile.

Ditto for skin care. I’m actually trying the products I have since I cannot buy new until they’ve run out. I’ll review them in this space to help me keep track of what I like and don’t like.

In the morning, I used my Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum daily. I got some on super discount through FitFabFun and have a nice stockpile.

Here is the promise:

This serum is formulated to reduce breakouts, unclog pores, and even skin tone with a powerful combination of willow bark, salicylic acid, and organic fruit acids. CoQ10 and vitamin C renew the appearance skin for a healthy, clear complexion, while the formula Hydrates and soothes with organic aloe and green and white tea.

I love this stuff. It’s always been a staple for me. It smells lovely (It’s basically grape juice and apple juice with a bunch of other natural things: you could probably eat it for breakfast!) It’s a winner for day since it feels lovely, does not mess with makeup, and smells amazing. I’m not sure how strong it is, however. I may need something stronger to keep my now 46 year old pre-menopausal skin in check.

Verdict: Great scent, keeps acne at bay, worth it if you can get it on sale.

For evening, I had this trial pack of Dr. Dennis Gross Peel + Brighten Skincare from a Sephora purchase last year. Here was the promise:

Smooth & Radiant: Peel + Brighten fights the three most prevalent signs of visible aging: fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture. It uses a patented blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids for younger-looking skin with no recovery time. It smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while reducing pore size, eliminating dullness, improving clarity, and evening skin tone. While clearing imperfections and decreasing excess oil, it works to minimize the look of scars, creating a youthful-looking complexion in as little as 14 days. 

I’ve tried it for the two weeks recommended. It feels amazing on – I love things that tingle to show they are working. And it does make you look glowy – not Chrissy Teigen glowy – but glowier. I don’t have many wrinkles (the upside to oilier skin and sun avoidance) so I’m not sure about fine lines. My forehead worry line is unchanged but I’m going to need a concrete guy to fill it in if I ever want to fix that. I’ve only tried a bit of the Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightener so I’ll see if it makes a difference on its own. Right now, I can’t tell.

Verdict: Feels good. Maybe worth rebuying, but is $110 for the peel and $110 for the acid, which is very spendy.

This week, I plan to try out Ole Henrikson Truth Serum. It promises, “Supercharged with True-C Complex™ and boosted with collagen, this powerful antiaging serum helps brighten, visibly firm, and deliver all-day hydration.” We shall see!

I may also break into The Original serums, which has been very buzzy in blogworld for a while.

Are you trying out any new skincare products this year or sticking with old faithfuls?



  1. I stick to old faithfuls. I use Clarins products and switched over to the entire Super Restorative line last year… best stick with that as I'll be 48 this year. I use Chanel makeup including their amazing Hydra Beauty lip balm. My skin is sensitive so I'm not very adventurous.I'll continue to have my anti-aging facials once a month, they use BKamins products at my spa which I don't react to, I also get a chemical peel every couple of months when I have my facial. They make a big difference to my skin I find. xx


  2. The Blemish Clearing Serum has been a lifesaver for so many of our customers and my teens! Organic Fruit Acids, Sal Acid, Willow bark, and more instead of Benzoyl Peroxide! xo karen behnke, founder juice beauty


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