Let’s Talk + Anxiety Cures + Essential OIls for Mood

These days, are you feeling snowed under or boiling hot? (Australians, you have it far worse.)

Idelette posted this on her Instagram feed:

Truth, right?

It’s been a forever winter. And it’s not even February yet.

Personally, I’m focusing on sorting my lipsticks and reading about spring fashion ideas to get me through the day.

In Canada, January 31 marks a day people talk openly about mental health and this year this seems like a must. I’ve always been open about my own struggles on my previous blogs (I live-blogged my post natal depression and they made it into a film. I’m played by actress Ayumi Iizuka, who also appeared on Scandal. I’m not sure why I like that fact, but I do.)

[I’ve added in a link for the curious!]

In this space, I talk about anxiety and what works for me. I’ve tried everything from soup to nuts (I’m pretty sure I was the nut) and, while I will always tell you to talk to your doctor first, I also urge you to trust your gut and advocate for yourself.

Here is the big roundup of what I find works for me:

Medical testing. People, go get a physical. Make sure you have your iron levels and thyroid tested since a big cause of anxiety can be physical. I never seem to have enough iron. It’s a miracle I’m walking around.

Food. You are what you eat. And you feel like what you eat. Rachel Kelly’s The Happiness Diet is a great place to start exploring mood-elevating foods.

Sleep. Get a Fitbit. Monitor your sleep. Get at least 8 solid hours.

Prayer or Meditation. Check in with the Big Guy or the Universe now and then. It’ll do you a world of good.

Social Media Detox. I’m on social media a lot for work and too many hours can make me feel squirrely. I will read posts from known liars and it still makes me feel bad. Powerful stuff. Step away if it makes you feel bad.

Pinterest. The one social media feed I love is Pinterest. Just don’t let anyone try to convince you that you are supposed to be making those cakes or doing those crafts.

via GIPHY        No no no no no. Pinterest is just for looking! 

Essential Oils. Essential oils are very popular right now as the world seems in need of some soothing. I’m allergic to most synthetic perfumes so I love using them to scent my office and my bath. I asked my pal Sherry, of Capricorn and Clove, what oils are good for improving your mood and, of course, she was happy to share her knowledge.

Moody much? 

Has the weather, your in-laws, work, friend drama etc. got you down and grumpy? Feeling the need for a mood adjustment?

Essential oils can help elevate your mood simply by smelling them.

The next time you’re feeling a mood coming on, try some essential oils. You can smell them directly from the bottle or diffuse into the air through a diffuser. If you like to DIY, try combining a few oils from the list below in a roller bottle with a carrier oil (such as grape seed) and rolling it on your wrists, or adding the oils to distilled water in a spray bottle and spritz on yourself or around your space.

These oils are known to support, uplift, invigorate, refresh and boost one’s mood.


Try this recipe for Citrus Mint in a diffuser (follow manufacturer’s instructions) or in a roller bottle (add oils, then fill with carrier oil.)

Citrus Mint Recipe

-4 drops Bergamot 
-4 drops Sweet Orange
-2 drops of Peppermint 



Massage. Apparently massage decreases cortisol (the bad hormone that makes you cranky and increases belly fat.)  Plus, they just feel nice. If you have a health benefits plan, check to see if massage is covered. Or book a cheap and cheerful mall massage.

With anything health related, I always like a sober second glance, so always run things by your doctor. And in that vein, read Dr. Jennifer Gunter’s review of the GOOP conference since there is some serious cray out there being pedalled as happiness cures. The language in her review is spicy but it will have your crying with laughter. If that does not elevate your mood, I don’t know what will.



  1. Hi Jen, you certainly sent me down a rabbit hole trying to find that movie (I think I did)! Although I'm not keen on Bell Media as a company (look what they did to Canada AM!), the Bell Let's Talk campaign is so very important. Coincidentally, I was Skyping with my friend in Scotland yesterday and she was telling about her problems – today I sent her a link to the Bell Let's Talk page. She is a former policewoman, the most competent person I know, and yet she is in quite a state. It just goes to show that anyone can be brought to their knees by all sorts of things. By the way, I love Dr. Jen Gunter; I've followed her blog for ages, so I certainly have a healthy scepticism towards GP!


  2. Love this post Jen. All of your recommendations are totally spot on. It does feel like January 74th! That's so funny. I've been on Pinterest these days a LOT. And you're right, just for looking! 🙂 Okay I'm going to read the GOOP conference review now, thanks for the links xx


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