A Room of Her Own + Romantic Design

I’ve gone from living in a family with a daughter, a son, and a our frenchie, Serena, to living in a family with a daughter, a son, a husband, three near-adult stepsons, and two dogs named Teddy and Sailor – and, no, Teddy and Sailor are not female.

There’s a whole lot less femininity around here these days.

And here’s the thing: I need a pretty house.

Not only is the house less feminine than I’d like it (when you need six bedrooms in spendy Stepford, a Baltic Brown kitchen is part of the deal), but the union seems to have increased my need for a delicate look.  It’s as though the more testosterone there is in the joint, the prettier I need things to be. If I were running Fight Club, it would be dripping in Colefax and Fowler.

Lately, I’ve been running to Jacqueline deMontravel‘s beautiful book, Hers: Design with a Feminine Touch, for inspiration. (US readers can see it here.)

The book is filled with beautifully feminine rooms.

I adore the flowers and shoes and pretty linens.

There is nary a milk crate storage bin or hockey bag in sight!

The authoress does not insist you take over the whole house (pity), but is insistent on claiming some space. I’ve always been a Room of One’s Own kind of person and, in my current house, my office/parlour is my sacred space.

Are you a fan of feminine decorating? Do you have a room of your own?


  1. Yes definitely a fan of feminine decorating and a room of one's own! And, I would say the whole house is mine. I am definitely in charge at home and my hubs doesn't really notice his surroundings. I've tried to give him his own space with his very masculine dressing room and the bar cart stuffed with Scotch in the dining room!You do have a lot of dude energy to contend with. I think you have it solved: your own room for writing and thinking, lots of flowers, scented candles (florals) and maybe just keep wearing pink all the time! xx


  2. Jen, I love your parlour, but for myself I don't necessarily need a lot of feminine 'frills' and florals. We live in a modern bungalow and I mainly hang out in the open-plan main floor – I don't think I'd like to be shuttered away. (Then again, there's only the two of us now, I'm sure I would have appreciated it when the boys were younger and at home.) My husband, on the other hand, has one of the bedrooms in the basement – that's his 'man cave', full (almost literally!) of guitars and other music paraphernalia. It's a good thing – especially when he starts 'playing' guitar! 😊


  3. That man cave sounds inspired. The next house is “mine” I'm told but the Mr. will have a man cave for sure. Everyone needs a room! When it's just us, I might want something simpler and more open, but right now I crave the frills!! Xx


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