No Sugarless Gum + FODMAP Friendly Kitchen

Happy Saturday!

I hope you had a good week!

We had some positive news. I may be able to wear a contact in my bad eye that gets me seeing better. Highway driving and skiing may be back on the agenda next year. That would be so great! I’m testing a bunch of lenses over the next few weeks.

This week, I met with a local mom whose daughter also has fructose intolerance. This is not a super-common thing so it’s rare to meet other moms. She confirmed that this is a tough thing to manage, since there is no fructose-free menu or aisle in the grocery store to guide us. I asked her about travel, since we are heading to the Caribbean soon, and she confirmed that all-inclusive now means “pack a lot of food in your suitcase.” It will be interesting to navigate. I need to learn the various ways to say sugar in Spanish!

She pointed me to a great food blog: No Sugarless Gum. Blogger, Paige Thiesse has a media background so it’s very pretty as well as helpful. So much of the accurate fructose intolerance information is not very nicely presented, so it’s nice to see something that looks like a food blog instead of a circa 1976 medical journal. There are lots of great fructose-free recipes with pretty photographs. Yay!

From No Sugarless Gum

Emma Hatcher’s FODMAP Friendly Cookbook* has also arrived and it looks very promising as well.

Hatcher’s blog, She Can’t Eat What?! is pretty and engaging, and while she has a wheat, not a fructose, intolerance, there are enough overlaps to make this a useful book. Many of the recipes look tasty and healthy. I mean, just look at this Coconut Oat Granola with Chocolate Rosewater Cream!

This fructose malabsorption diagnosis is making us all aware of health. Even if you do not have a diagnosed fructose intolerance, too much fructose (like that in most processed foods) is bad for the liver and heart. We are all eating far more of it than we are supposed to since it’s added to so many foods. Since we are eliminating it from the household, we will all be better off!

And finally, on the good news front. We got a new dog! Actually, it’s just our puppy Teddy, but he got a haircut that made him look totally new. I was not sure it was even the same dog when I went to pick him up at the groomer’s shop!

Do you have any dietary concerns? Are you changing your eating habits this year?


*FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. These are food molecules that are not absorbed well by some people. When you are on an elimination diet, you eliminate fructans, as well as fructose, so the FODMAP diet works.


  1. Teddy does look like a completely new dog! Our eating habits are fairly good, we make most of our meals from scratch and we luckily don't need to worry about food intolerances. The only problem is that in wintertime we really love all those warming meals like shepherd's pie, curries, pasta bakes, etc. And they usually make great leftovers for lunches. I'm sure that come spring we'll get back to lighter fare and lose that pesky winter padding!


  2. Oh your little dog is cute, and not just because he resembles our late, loved little one too. I have a lot of food intolerances, but don't have a label for it. Eating out is always a bit difficult, but plain food without additives or preservatives works best for me.


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