French Girl Style + Sézane

If you’ve followed along with my blog for a while, you know that a few years ago, I did my year of french living where I dressed up every day, wore lipstick, attempted cool girl hair, and ate lavander chocolates and croissants by the barrel-full.

I gained weight while on my year of living french. I mean, who does that! Everyone knows French Women Don’t Get Fat, non? Perhaps they eat the criossants, cheese, chocolate, and wine with a bit more moderation.

Although I’ve given up the whole french living thing, I can still ooh and ahh over french style.

I saw a link to a company called Sézane and it’s gorgeous. The designs are by Morgane Sézalory and I sort of want them all.

It’s this kind of vibe.

I mean, how can you not love that!

The Ashley Babies shoe makes me what to make me weep with joy.

Are these Sézane x Maison Amour bracelets not gorgeous?

Can we talk about the perfection that is this Capucine shirt?

And this sweater?

What is it about French women that they can throw on these easy pieces and looks amazing. If I do that, I look like People of Walmart.

I’ve given up shopping for Lent (I really am trying to do this, y’all) but will be making a little list to see if I still covet these pieces later this spring.

Are you tempted by anything fashion-wise these days?




Love to hear from you!

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