Jade Roller + Coco Rose Lip Conditioner + Rose Hibiscus Spray

Happy Tuesday! It’s beauty day. People are always asking me what I use in terms of makeup and skincare and I love it, so why not make it a regular part of this blog. Today, I’m reviewing some more Herbivore products I bought last year in a fit of get-chemicals-away-from-me. I love how pretty they are!

Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist

When I was coming back on a flight from Miami last year, I was seated beside a woman who could very easily have walked off the set of Crazy Rich Asians (only she was flying commercial.) She was tall with blonde extensions and yelled at the flight attendant about being too rough with her LV carry-on. Then she proceeded to take several Ativans and drape herself in a massive logoed Chanel blanket shawl.

Total girl crush. She’s who I am in my head.

She proceeded to mist herself and me (she asked first) with some sort of spendy mister throughout the flight and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so refreshed while flying.

And thus began my love affair with beauty mists.

Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus spray smells divine. I’m not a big rose person as it can be overpowering and the scent can be cloying, but this is nice and fresh. I wish they made it in some sort of Kombucha form I could drink because it’s that good. I don’t think it necessarily does anything longer term, but it’s hydrating, does not break me out, and smells lovely. If you think that’s worth $18, you can get your own bottle here.

Jade Roller

So everyone and his dog are using jade rollers on their faces, and if there is something I love, it’s a good trend.

Being a good blogger, I decided to take the jade roller for a test to see what it does. The upshot is, I’m not sure.

The thing people like about jade is that it tends to stay cool and the coolness is what makes it useful to tighten and depuff. For added benefits, most roller makers recommend you put it in the fridge, so I did that too.

I tried the roller to roll on a serum, but I found that process messy. I’ve never been able to paint my house using a paint roller, so perhaps that block is mine. It felt like the product was distributed unevenly.

I preferred using the roller simply to massage my face. I hoped it would have an ironing effect to de-wrinkle me like those water-filled things landscapers use when laying new grass, but no dice. However, it felt fantastic. I’m prone to sinus pressure and my eyes are always bugging me so using the small roller around my eyes felt great. When I’m facing vertigo or the occasional migraine, I think this would be a very useful tool. A teaspoon chilled in the fridge would likely be equally effective, but would not look nearly as pretty on one’s vanity.

If you are prone to undereye puffiness, I imagine this would help depuff one and it’s nice the stone stays on the cooler side even when out of the fridge.

Everyone is selling these and prices range from $15 to $45. As long as they are real jade (some are plastic), they are much of a muchness. Mine is cheap and from Amazon. If you are worried you can’t tell real jade from fake, go with a reputable maker such as Herbivore.

Herbivore Botanicals Lip Conditioner

I LOVE this lip balm. I hate putting unnatural stuff on my lips, but so many natural balms are greasy and I hit pan in about two days. This coconut based balm is solid and not greasy at all. I wear it at night and have no problem with chapping. It’s a good product and smells fabulous. You can get yours here.

Have you tried any new beauty products lately? Any winners? I’m trying some Young Living since a good friend is a distributor. And I’m trying the Beauty Counter product line as a consultant (you can sign up for Band of Beauty, a consultant, or just buy product depending on the discount you want.)



  1. Hi Jen, jade rollers have been on my radar for a while now, but I've held off buying, mainly because of concerns around real/fake. It seems like they are only available online, which is a shame. Having said that, your Herbivore products look really luxurious. I recently discovered the Nuxe lip balm – it is very nice indeed.


  2. I love Nuxe products. Very luxurious feeling. Herbivore is quite lovely looking and the scent of the Brighten mask in particular is amazing. I'm moving more and more towards natural products as I age. Xx


  3. I use a rose mister, and really love it. Smells divine and really hydrates my skin. I have never heard of the jade rollers, but now I will look out for them. I'm sure I'd benefit!


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