Bachelor Predictions + Toxin Watch

So have we all recovered from the Ice Dancing yet? I’m not a big Olympics fan, but you’ve got to love Tessa and Scott. It’s truly ballet on ice. And the music and costumes: perfection, all of it. 
And The Bachelor? Anyone else watching? Are Arie’s cardigans as bad as I think they are? I think Becca is Arie’s best match but predict Lauren B for the win. Lauren B. looks the most like Emily from that past season and he still seems stuck on her. Just don’t confuse her with the Lauren B who won the last Bachelor season. 
Confused? Here are Emily, Lauren B (2018), and Lauren B (2017)
OK, enough about TV. Let’s talk about toxins. 
I know. I know. I live deep in the heart of Stepford where people are forever on detoxifying cleanses and subsist on activated charcoal and wheatgrass shots for a month. But still, toxins are a real thing. 
I go in and out of phases where I become the toxin police. The last time I was this concerned was when I was pregnant with my children. Having gone through fertility treatments – and having researched all of the scary reasons why I could not carry a pregnancy more than two weeks unassisted –  I wanted to make sure I gave my babies the best possible start in life. Armed with Adria Vasil’s Ecoholic book, I was forever on the alert for safe products for my family. I won’t even tell you the ridiculous lengths I went to ensure toxin free crib mattresses. 
There was a phase where the only toys I bought were these $100 unpainted wooden trucks from Germany and my kids would look around sadly as their toddler friends sat in these amazing exersaucers (which we never had) and played on giant plastic pianos (I caved on this when we received one as a gift. It was my children’s favourite toy.) 
I’ve aways been prone to extremes. 
Lately, I’ve been having some health issues and the word autoimmune keeps popping up. I’m convinced of the link between toxins and so many of these conditions. 
So back onto the non-toxic wheel I go. 
I’m a militant label reader when it comes to food because of my daughter’s fructose intolerance. Cosmetics are my Achilles’ heel. I just want what I want when I want it and the luxury cosmetics companies have always pulled me in hook, line, and sinker. But their products – gorgeous as they are – are filled with toxins. And lately I wonder if the vertigo and heart palpitations and other unexplained symptoms have anything to do with the five million chemicals I apply to myself each day. 
I read how cosmetics are filled with carcinogens, and allergens, and hormone disruptors. Hormone disruptors! As a peri-menopausal woman you know what that says to me? This lipstick is filled with hot flashes and rage. Devil, get behind me. 
As I attempt to educate myself using the natural beauty companies’ information – obviously biased but easily available – I try to sort out the facts from the scare tactics. (Why don’t they teach this stuff in school!) But even taking their information with a big grain of salt, it’s clear that ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, which is used to make cosmetics more stable, is a little bit scary as it seems to be toxic to our organs.
And yet – and this is the extent of my vanity – I still want the products to be nice. I am not willing to wear that dryish red-brown or shocking pink lipstick gathering dust at my local health food store. Sometimes I’m on TV, for the love of Pete. I have to look decent in case the mean girl from the neighbourhood tunes in. Thankfully, we are moving back towards a more natural standard of beauty, even though natural seems to mean looking like Gwyneth Paltrow after several spendy facials and a course of Thermage. There are also new beauty companies starting up every day offering a luxury look and feel without all the toxicity. 
It drives me crazy that, as consumers, we have to do so much research and that so many toxic products are still allowed. I’m glad that there is pressure on our government to strengthen the Canadian Environmental Protection Act when it is amended later this year. There is really no need for tolulene in anything we put on ourselves. Ever. 
I’m also glad that there is increased pressure to demand more truth in advertising. Right now, there are not many barriers to labelling products organic or natural or non-toxic and there is a lot of greenwashing taking place out there. Things are not safe simply because someone says it’s so and it makes it hard to be an informed consumer. 
I’m taking baby steps. Most of the products I’ve been testing this year are less toxic. I’m pretty much nail polish-free all the time. I’m also exploring shops and cosmetic lines that offer non-toxic one-stop shopping. I’m willing to pay a premium to have someone assure me their products are safe. 
The last thing to go will be my highlights. As a friend of mine likes to say, “they will take that bottle of hair dye from my cold dead hand.” Amen to that, sister. At least the bleach never touches my scalp, but I don’t kid myself: the colourist is wearing pretty thick gloves when she’s touching the solution she’s brushing onto my head. This stuff is good for nothing but my ego. 
As I rocket my way towards age 50, I’ve redefined luxury. No longer is it a $48 lipstick sold in a shop that offers champagne. Now it’s a lipstick that’s safe to ingest. I look forward to the day when my vanity is no longer hazardous to my health and when all products are safe to use. I hope that regulatory change and consumer pressure means that day is coming soon. 
Are you watching the Bachelor? Have you switched lipsticks? Were you dazzled by the ice dancing? 


  1. I changed my lipsticks and makeup when I had breast cancer a few years ago, and now use Clarins only as the makeup is Paraben free. However, their skincare does contain parabens which I find puzzling – are they onside or not? I look for safe skincare but many times I have found a brand I like which seems safe, only to find it discontinued or no longer stocked. It is a constant effort to try to reduce the chemicals in the body, and I still get my hair highlights too!


  2. Hi Jen, I'll start at the end … yes, the skating was fantastic, no, I haven't really paid much attention to my lipstick (it's a Burts Bees one) and no, I'm not watching The Bachelor. But, wait! I have a couple of fun links for you. I followed these blogs/sites when I was watching Rachel on The Bachelorette (first time in over a decade that I'd tuned in to the franchise) and I'm still getting the emails. The recaps are soooo funny – solid snark, very clever. Have a look at Drunk & Hungry and


  3. Health issues make one think about these things don't they. We have a lot of autoimmmune stuff in our family so it has me spooked. It's so frustrating to try to find out who uses what. I'm checking out Beautycounter since I really like their CEO and messaging and they score 95 through B Corporation, which is legit (I used to due due diligence for a bank so I'm working my way through my research.) I signed up as a Consultant since that's the cheapest way for me to try everything I want to try. I'll be reviewing it on the blog and will let you know what I find. Xx


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