Easter Home + Rabbit Decor for Every Style

Happy Thursday!

Now that we are barreling towards Easter, I like to bring out some spring decor.

I’m fond of the rabbit motif. The style blogger Holy Grail is the Herend bunny, but they are pretty spendy.

Here he is with his pal, Duckie. Can you stand it?

They remind me of Anna and the Queen at Fashion Week.

There are lots of more budget friendly choices to infuse some rabbitness into your home.

This rabbit pillow is very dear (and only C$32.)

The rabbit matchstick holder would be sweet on a fireplace mantle.

This tiny rabbit terrine is adorable for $10.

For a subtle nod to rabbit-dom that is in no way cutesy, this Spode serving tray is lovely. 

Even spare, mid-century modern homes could have a subtle hint of bunny with these salt and pepper shakers.

This print is a bit OTT, but it makes me laugh. It would be sweet in a nursery.

If you really want to commit to the rabbit thing, this wallpaper is how you do it.

Are you planning on introducing some rabbit decor this spring?



  1. Oh my gosh, I love all your picks, but the salt and pepper shakers are adorable! We actually have 2 pieces of Herend, very small, a bunny and an elephant. We bought them over 25 years ago on a trip to Budapest to visit friends who had moved there in 1990 to teach. At that time they were allowed to buy things duty-free and they made out like bandits with a large collection of Herend pieces. I think the largest was a rabbit almost a foot tall. They still live in Budapest and they still have their Herend – I wonder what it's worth now? Even though we ourselves went to live in Budapest about 10 years ago for 4 years, we never bought any more Herend. Just couldn't afford it. I checked out the salt and pepper set – it's $13 on the US site and almost $40 on the Canadian site!


  2. I do like a bit of bunny decor around Easter, but there will never be any pricey Herend at our house, pretty though they are. So funny the Anna and the Queen thought. The salt and pepper are very appealing, as is the serving tray, but I'd have the tiny terrine any day.


  3. The bunny and elephant sounds very sweet. I have a tiny mouse but that's it. Your friend's rabbit sounds marvellous. What a treat to bring out at Easter. Budapest is on my to do list. Everyone I know who goes there loves it. I follow the Hattatts to get my Budapest fix. How fun that you lived there! Xx


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