Petit Vour Subscription Box + Beautycounter Finds

Happy Tuesday, beautifuls!

In my quest for more natural products that still make me look somewhat OK on TV, I wanted to check out the subscription box offered by Petit Vour.

For US$23 per month, they send you 4 vegan beauty products.

The packaging is very pretty:

As are the products inside:

The products in the February box were: Elate Cosmetics Creme Revealer in Porcelain, Mai Couture Highlighter Paper in Crystal Cove and St Barts, Red Apple Lipstick Lipliner in Natural, and Zabana Essentials Tamanu Calendula Healing Anti-Blemish Face Balm. I got a bonus of Osmia Vital Rose Nectar (it’s a sample bottle.)

I think I will use the concealer and am happy it’s in the right shade. The face balm looks promising and is for the right skin type (the reviews are excellent!) My daughter will likely take the highlighters to add to her collection. The lip liner is a little drab for spring and I don’t tend to use a liner, so I’m less excited about this. The Rose Nectar is the most promising. Just look at the description!

Organic oils of safflower, argan, prickly pear, and pumpkin seed work together to create a powerfully healing blend with a smooth, silky texture. Gorgeous rosehip seed oil helps repair sun damage and decrease inflammation. Organic rose otto essential oil combines with wild, Australian sandalwood essential oil, and a touch of jasmine extract to create a heaven-meets-earth scent. The dermatological impact of this essential oil blend is smoother, calmer skin and decreased redness and inflammation. The aromatherapy effect is profound, as well, providing anti-anxiety and antidepressant benefits, and opening the heart to healing, grounding, and self-love. 

Whoa! That’s a lot of promise in that one little bottle. I’m looking forward to trying it after I film later this week (I’ve learned not to put untested oils on my face before filming!)

On the tested oil front, I’ve been applying Beautycounter’s No. 3 Balancing Facial Oil twice each day. I love it. The smell is amazing. And it’s not greasy at all. My face feels hydrated and I love that I’m not putting toxic chemicals on my skin. Now, does it do anything other than that? Does it even skin tone, restore balance, and calm and soothe skin as promised? The jury will be out for a while, although the reviews online are very strong.

As you can see, from an unfiltered, unretouched, totally no-makeup up photo, I have a fair bit of sun damage. Chalk it up to too many friends with sailboats and beach houses when I was young.

I’m going to give the Balancing Oil a while to work and then use the Brightening Oil if I need a boost.

Plus, I plan to wear the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer when I’m going to be outside for more than a few minutes since it has an SPF and some brightening ingredients. (I wore it on the weekend and it feels more like a serum than foundation, which is a very good thing. I hate the feel of cream or makeup on my skin!)

So far, I’m loving the Beautycounter lip sheers. The colours (I have Twig and Terra) are subtle. I may like this lipstick formula as much as my beloved Face Stockholm Lip Veil in Cranberry (it’s also a relatively healthy choice!) And I like the Beautycounter lengthening mascara too, but it will have to be really good to rival my beloved tubing mascara by Blinc. I’ve been wearing it – and its predecessor Kiss Me Cream – since the early 2000s.

If you like any of the Beautycounter products, you can buy them through my link. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have if you are making the switch to more natural beauty.

Have you found any natural beauty winners?


Love to hear from you!

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