Beach Time

It’s March Break in Stepford and we are sneaking away for a little beach vacay while the contractor fixes our Dynasty staircase. (This is what we do now: renovate while we travel since it gets you a house-sitter and helps you avoid the mess!)

I’m taking a page from DaniBP and I’m planning what to take well in advance.


The one-piece seems to be the new two-piece. So after years of wearing my decade old J. Crew two-piece suits, I’m embracing the one-piece. I picked up this cute Allihop floral suit at Anthropologie.

It’s currently sold out, but Modcloth has its twin (US$85)


I read all the time for work, but only read fiction on vacation. I have China Rich Girlfriend and Mrs. lined up since, let’s face it, my favourite books are about scandal and the superwealthy. Everyone always asks me for thinky fiction choices, but if you don’t love the content of Town & Country magazine or Tatler, I can’t help you. I’m really very shallow.


Sun Protection

I do not tan. Ever. When I was young, I was staying at a friend’s place in the Bahamas and got terribly burned, with blisters and sun poisoning. Years later, I had to have an offending mole at the place of the burn site removed. So I’m very careful in the sun. I plan to spend my time hiding under my hat and slathered in SPF. I coat the kids in the Sun Bum spray since they like it and it stays on.

I plan to give the Beautycounter sun products a try. My tendency has been to err on the side of chemicals, but given my new worry about toxicity, I’m going to try a physical block. I expect to return home paler than when I left.

I also plan to hide under a UFO-sized hat.

And wear sunglasses (I bought some prescription aviator readers from so I can read on the beach.)

I also wear a rash guard if I can’t find any shade. I picked this one up from Anthropologie since I thought the floral pattern was pretty.

I shall channel my inner Nicole Kidman.

Are planning a beach vacation any time soon? Any good fashion finds? Are you a sun bunny or do you keep things covered up?



  1. I just found your new site, I’m so sorry it took me so long. I was thinking you had taken a break because I didn’t see a new post so thank goodness I checked.
    Good job on the packing up! Love the florals. And thank you for the mention. No serious fiction allowed on beach holidays, I couldn’t agree more.
    We have the plague in our house and while I think the sun would be wonderful I wouldn’t have made it on the plane! It’s rest and pyjamas for me this week.
    So enjoy for BOTH of us please. xxx


  2. Ah, that’s where you’ve gone, blog-wise I mean.

    Anyway, I can’t even think about the beach quite yet, not without having a bit of a panic attack about my waist-line. Must get that in check. Enjoy your vacation.


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