Heavenly Cream Tea + Embroidered Floral Top + Midlife Mood

Happy Thursday!

First off, I need to point out that Whole Foods is having its cosmetics sale, where everything in store is 25% off. I picked up some Butter London nail polish in Yummy Mummy and La Moss since I’ve discovered that I bite my nails when they are bare. I’ve had trouble finding a decent toxin free polish as most of the natural ones just don’t last. Butter polishes are lovely – just spendy (I find they thicken if you don’t use them up quite quickly so you don’t want to overbuy.) When they are on sale, it’s a good time to get a new colour. I also picked up the John Masters Fresh Floral Roll-On Fragrance. One of my favourite scents in the world is Aveda Shampure but, with the exception of their lip glosses, I don’t like their products (they tend to not fare as well on the toxic free lists.) This fragrance, with its combination of clary sage, rose, lavender and geranium, orange, neroli, rosemary and mint essential oils, smells a lot like Aveda products.

I met a girlfriend for a quick coffee and shop yesterday. It’s good to get outside, since it’s quite springy feeling. The sun is out. The grass is – well, green is an overstatement – but at least it’s grass. And the birds are singing. We popped into Anthropologie as she had to make a return and I spied this Winifred floral embroidered top. I’m a sucker for embroidery. And this top was perfect. I love the jeans and fancy top look since I will forever be stuck in the late 1990s.

I managed to grab some Sloane Heavenly Cream tea at Tribeca. This stuff is scarcer than hen’s teeth because it’s sooo good, with a blend of Ceylon and Assam teas with notes of vanilla and bergamot. That and Mariage Frere’s Wedding Imperiale (Assam with chocolate and caramel notes) are my go to Fancy Teas (they are treat teas as they are spendy and have caffeine.)


I’m reading Cheryl Richardson’s Waking Up in Winter: In Search of What Really Matters at Midlife. It’s excellent. If you are at a point in your life where your children are almost grown or your work life is stagnant or your priorities have shifted, and you are wondering what’s next, this is a great book to walk you into the next season. In the book, Richardson writes this beautiful line: “I’m becoming the chalice instead of the gladiator, the prize itself instead of the warrior who fights for it.” I don’t think we are meant to be warriors for our entire lives either. My blog post today on See Hear Love echoes this idea that it’s OK to be in a season of rest and enjoyment. As I write there, “when things are good and beautiful, I was made for that time too.” More Instagram, less Twitter.

Are you starting to slow down deliberately in midlife? Do you have any favourite teas?


Love to hear from you!

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