Easter Week + Spring Tweed

Happy Easter Week!

I love Easter: rabbit motifs and lots of chocolate. I love Holy week too, with its promise of hope. I wrote a blog post for See Hear Love about the beauty of Easter. If you’ve held back from checking out Christianity because of some churches’ archaic views on the role of women, you might want to read what Jesus thought about women. Whenever I read John 20, I want to weep because Jesus could have had Simon Peter (who founded the church) or the Beloved Disciple (his favourite person) tell the world that he rose from the dead, but instead He asked his friend Mary Magdalene to spread the Good News. This was a crazy decision since the religious world did not have much time for women back then. But that’s the upside-down Kingdom for you! Check out the blog post in the link if you want to read more.

I got a new Bible since I LOVE The Message and like a paper copy that I can mark up and highlight. It’s so pretty. The Message is a great starter Bible since it’s not all thees and thous. It’s written like the beautiful story it is.

On Easter Sunday, I plan to wear my Brora Marl Tweed spring coat. I picked it up in the winter sale. They still have a few sizes left (remember they are UK sizes) and the price is nice at £179 (down from £445.)



Brora always has the most spectacular linings. 


I’ve not decided on my Easter outfit yet, but I’ll probably wear one of my pastel tops from Zara (it’s what I wear when I’m filming since you need colour on camera) with an ancient skirt from J. Crew. And I’ll be wearing my favourite toxin-free lip sheer in Rose.

Do you like Easter? Are you planning your Easter outfit yet?





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