Organizing + Spring Lace

Happy Friday! Hope this finds you well. I’ve been busy with tax season, medical appointments, and doing some decluttering. I find April is always a crazy month for that kind of thing.

I’m quite an organized person generally, but have a mental block around filing papers. So basically, I tackle it a couple of times per year: once in September and again before I visit my accountant in April. As I sort through all the paper work and emails, it reminds me that I need to get something looked at on the car or follow up with a specialist or the vet, and there is a cascade of domestic endeavours to follow.

Inevitably, I end up decluttering as well. This year, I ended up moving half the furniture out of my office, craving a more spare look in my old age. When we moved in here, we were juggling five kids and the consolidation of two homes. My approach to furniture placement was – to paraphrase Anne Lamott – leave it lay where Jesus flang it. I literally hung the art off the existing nail hooks just to get it off the ground. Now that things are less chaotic, I’ve taken down a lot of pieces, moved things around, and will start again more thoughtfully. I don’t actually think we will need much new: a front hall console table, perhaps. I’m kind of crushing on this one from West Elm.

or this:

It’s a massive style departure for me, but this house needs more contemporary pieces and the front foyer is defined by an outdoor banner that used to hang on the side of the MOMA so I think it might suit.

I’ve also moved the sideboard hutch from my office to the kitchen since we are still contemplating a renovation and I want to see how much space we really need. There is the possibility of converting a closet to a little pantry, but if we don’t need the space, I’ll keep it as a closet.

I also want to put a small formal dining space for dinner parties in my now empty office.

Right now, for dining, we just have the one big table between the kitchen and “great room” which gives the impression of an army mess hall when extended. It’s not really conducive to engaged conversation. I could fit a small round table in my office that seats 4-6.

I’m thinking something like this:

It’s all from West Elm. Does anyone know what the quality is like? I’ve bought a duvet there, and some Christmas stuff, but never any furniture. I’d love to know.

There is still the little matter of an ugly gas fireplace topped by a TV in the great room (what a terrible concept – it’s the blight of new builds!) and I’m not sure what to do there. I’d like to scrap the tv and put up art, but the five males in the house do not agree. My son has claimed the space as the control centre for Fortnite and every sport in the nation seems to be having playoffs right now. This is not the month to say, why don’t we put a lovely painting up there and all just read books…

I think that in the end, we will scrap the formal surround and mantle, which looks out of place and will go with something more like this:

via Pinterest

Or maybe I’ll just close my eyes more – that’s the cheapest and easiest way to deal with these things. Only one eye works properly anyway, so that’s likely the best solution!

I’ve pretty much done my spring and summer shopping. I’m so enjoying have a Nordstrom close by. It’s a lovely department store, with nice things at not crazy prices. I have fond memories of visiting the Seattle Nordstrom as a teen and buying pair of pearl floral earrings. I really like their house brands like Leith and BP. I think this BP Ruffle Cotton Eyelet Top is adorable (you might want to size down – I’m usually a small, but was an XS in this one.)

I was also able to pick up this BlankNYC vegan rose gold leather moto jacket for $60 on sale. Score!

It’s sold out online but if you have a store near you, you can check out their clearance racks.

Otherwise, this is a cute alternative.

Thankfully, I’m able to walk past all of the tempting makeup (I’m looking at you Charlotte Tilbury!) since I’m quite committed to Beautycounter now.

Have you finished your taxes? Are you in an organizing mood?




  1. Ugh I’ve been so busy with taxes! This is the time of year we organize for the next year too because we also just finished corporate year end. I have to get my act together and file things a bit better, but because I work at home I need to find pretty solutions, I know your angst.
    I actually love those modern pieces for your house, I think they would suit it so well. Wish I could give advice on West Elm, I’ve never bought anything there, it sure does look good! Happy weekend xxx


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