Ice Storm Redecorating

We are digging out from a three day ice storm. We were lucky to maintain power and only lost small branches from our trees. There are lots of big branches down in the neighbourhood and I hear some flooding as well. I swear, it’s Armageddon out there; A snow day in April is proof!

We were supposed to go to West Elm on the weekend to look at some new pieces for the house, but that did not work out due to the road conditions. I decided to do the house version of shopping in my closet. I decided to turn my office back into a dining room. The Mr. is taking over one of the bedrooms as his office since the children are gradually leaving the nest. I’m making the front office into a library/den.

I’m moving away from the layered look, preferring cleaner lines and a more neutral palette. I’m sort of digging the RH Modern look these days. It must be old age.

I decided to take our kitchen table and move it into the dining room. The Mr. had been using our old silvered oak kitchen table as a desk and I moved it back to the kitchen (the room he’s taking over as his office already has a desk.)

I had two nailheaded brown leather chairs that made the living room look too crowded, so I put them at each end of the dining room table. I stole 4 of the ghost chairs from the kitchen since we have fewer people at dinner these days, given everyone’s schedules.

I have an industrial bar cart in the basement that I will bring into the dining at some point as a small sideboard. I’m still struggling with endometrial pain and can only slide things around on those big fuzzy sliders: no lifting for me.

It’s super hard to photograph since the room is long and narrow, but this is the result:

I think I may put some of my more contemporary art pieces in here, and move the oils to the den, but am not sure. Perhaps, I’ll just buy one of those ubiquitous horse giclées at HomeSense and call it a day. I may move the Fornasetti Julia, but I like how she indicates the bar is a secret. Maybe I’ll take the whole bar corner into the den. It’s always tough to integrate old furniture in a new space, but I want to be cost conscious until I know where we plan to settle long term.

We did manage to look at some kitchen options on the weekend and, gosh, aren’t cabinets so spendy? We have good solid wood cabinets now, so perhaps we paint? I know I want a new island and counters, but we can’t change the kitchen footprint and it seems crazy to spend all that money on cabinets to just get a new colour scheme. Have you had any luck with those people who pull cabinets out and spray them to make them look totally new? It seems like some sort of dark art to me.

Were you affected by the ice storm? Have you been doing any decorating for spring?





  1. Hi Jen, yes, I have been affected by the storm – stayed in all day today. And yesterday my husband was supposed to fly out of Ottawa, connect in Toronto and then on to Amsterdam. It was soon clear that the early evening flight out of Ottawa was in jeopardy, but #&%*^ Air Canada weren’t even putting people on hold, so there was no information. My husband and his colleague decided to take the train to Toronto – but, just before boarding, colleague realized he had forgotten his passport! He had to take a later train, it was really touch and go if he would make the 9 pm flight – turns out he wouldn’t have, but it was a moot point because the flight kept being pushed back, until they finally left just before 2 am. Of course, I was up until 2 am as well, waiting to be sure that they got off ok! Oh well, this must surely be the last storm of the season?

    I like what you’ve done with the dining room furniture – I would give the contemporary art a go there. And the top hat light fixture is so much fun – may I ask where you got it?


    • Oh, travel is so frustrating these days, isn’t it. And Air Canada would try the patience of a saint! I think you are right on the contemporary art. I’m going to switch it around and see what works. The top hat lamp is the Wooster from Jake Phipps. It’s such a fun piece. It does not throw a lot of light, but is fun when paired with other lights (we also have pot lights that I dim and the combination is perfect. Xo


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